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Anna’s Rocks - Carefully Researched High Demand Preemie Clothing for Infants in or out of the NICU is No Small Wonder

Colorado Springs, CO, March 10, 2006 --( Every six seconds a premature infant is born in this country. Yet a simple thing such as clothing and accessories, for example bottles, manufacturers overlook these tiny babies. A small handful of manufacturers mark their clothing line for preemies yet they measure 17 inches from wrist to wrist when a preemie is only 12 inches! Parents and medical personnel are frustrated they cannot find clothing to meet the special needs of these babies including clothing for the baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to accommodate medical devices. ANNA’S is the only manufacturer with a patent pending clothing line that is properly sized for the 3-6 pound infant in addition to accommodating all the special needs premature infants have. Finally, parents do not have to roll and tuck newborn clothing to make them fit their preemie!

Ten years ago Linda Dague, founder of ANNA’S, began to believe in miracles when her granddaughter, Aurianna Paige, was born at 28 weeks. After being taught infant CPR and the proper uses of various types of medical equipment, the only question remaining was, “Where do I find clothes for a baby this small?” Unfortunately, the answer wasn’t forthcoming and she found herself scouring toy stores for clothing that would fit her tiny granddaughter. She smiles at the memory and insists, “Any “preemie” clothes we were lucky enough to find were just too big… the doll clothes were poorly made and the closures were scratchy, but they fit.” Outside of fit, ease of dressing and placement of lead wires was a major concern. Clothing manufacturers just didn’t seem to understand the special needs of the preemie, and it was clear they hadn’t done their homework. Dague decided to give them a class in fashion compassion, and ANNA’S was born. Taking the retail and wholesale markets by storm, ANNA’S has been providing top of the line preemie clothing to hospitals, retailers, and frustrated caregivers.

“Preemies are exceptional babies,” says one mother. “Why should they have to settle for less than exceptional clothes?” ANNA’S says they don’t have to, and proves it by showcasing a wide range of patent pending designs geared toward preemie comfort. Each piece is made of combed Peruvian cotton and is expertly stitched so seams aren’t a bother. Scratchy tags won’t be found inside any ANNA’S garment, but outside and out of the way. No longer do preemies have to contend with an endless jumble of wires and tubes snaking over their bodies. Instead, small enclosures located on the sides of garments provide housing for leads and keep them out of tiny hands. Panel openings on the fronts of garments allow baby to lie in uninterrupted rest while access to his body is a breeze. Both caregiver and baby are relieved at how little movement of the baby is required in everyday care.

Dague has big plans for ANNA’S. “ANNA’S isn’t just clothes,” she says. “It’s about compassion and understanding the hardships these babies endure from day one. Clothing is just a small part.” The ANNA’S website offers accessories, tips, literature, and helpful links to organizations dedicated to the research of premature birth. ANNA’S plans to continue research to provide the most efficient designs. While Anna’s dedicates itself to the plight of the preemie, its clothes are rockin’ cradles across the country.

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