Anna's, LLC

Anna's is the only manufacturer and retailer of premature infant clothing with patent pending lines of clothing specifically for the 3-6 pound infant. The Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) line provides a front opening in which medical personnel can monitor and adjust medical equipment without undressing the baby and harming the baby’s delicate skin. Small Velcro tabs are located on the side of the garment to contain all lead wires so the infant can not pull and dislodge these life saving devices. For premature infants that do not require medical devices we also design and manufacture a clothing line that is designed without the front panel but incorporates all a preemies’ special needs. We use 100% Peruvian combed cotton, very few seam lines to disrupt their sensitive skin, and have designer bibs that Velcro to the garment so no dangerous strings are around the baby’s neck. No labels will be found in any garment – they are located on the outside of the clothing to further prevent skin chaffing.

Anna's goes one step further in the care of premature infants by providing accessories deigned specifically for low-birthweight infants which are very difficult to locate. Items such as bottles, pacifiers, and diapers are just a few of the preemie specific items they carry. Through their web site hospitals and retailers can also purchase wholesale directly, at their convenience, and are current on the latest styles and designs available.

Anna's goal is to educate on the importance of dressing preemies in clothing that fits and to provide clothing that is comfortable, safe, and meets their special needs.

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