XinFin Partners with R3 Corda, a Consortium Blockchain Platform with Over 200+ Financial Institutions

Singapore, Singapore, February 08, 2019 --( XinFin, the enterprise-friendly Hybrid Blockchain platform has partnered with R3, a consortium of over 200+ financial institutions. As a part of this partnership, XinFin will host a number of standardized and decentralized applications on the R3 Corda marketplace and provide bridge to access public state on XinFin Blockchain.


The standardized distributed applications range from Invoice Factoring, Global Trade and Finance, Instant Remittances, E-wallets, Liquidity relayers, University Certificate Issuance, Asset Digitization, and Global Air Charter.


Various financial institutions using the R3 Corda platform can run distributed applications on a combination of private and public (Hybrid) blockchain architecture in a sandbox environment. To support this development, the XinFin developer community will develop a relay bridge between the Corda private Network to the XinFin Public Network. This will create the ability to relay a limited set of data and transactions from privacy channels to the public network. Applications already deployed on the R3 Corda marketplace will be able to connect to XinFin’s Public Network.

eXchange inFinite (XinFin) public network runs on KYC/AML enforced Masternode based architecture built upon a Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus (DPoS). This unique architecture makes XinFin an ideal, interoperable, liquid and bridging platform for deploying and transacting real-world assets such as Bonds, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Trade Finance instruments. XinFin Private and Hybrid Network states are fully interoperable with ISO20022 standards making it easy to connect with Core Banking, SWIFT, Payment Systems as well as ERP Systems.

Participants on the R3 Corda marketplace can run KYC/AML enforced masternodes to connect Corda Apps to XinFin Public Testnet.

XinFin testnet URL:


XinFin has been granted sandbox license in Abu Dhabi Global markets (ADGM), a regulator in UAE and currently awaiting sandbox access across 6 global jurisdictions.


About R3 Consortium and Corda:
R3 is a US FinTech company with strengths in blockchain related technology [Distributed Ledger Technology], developing and maintaining Corda which is a Distributed Ledger Technology platform used in the financial system and other areas of commerce. R3 has over 250+ Institution partners spread across the world.

About XinFin Hybrid Blockchain:
XinFin (XDCE) is an open source hybrid blockchain platform. XinFin offers a scalable, secure enterprise-grade blockchain that is well suited for highly-regulated industries and commercially sensitive data.

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