Everyday; Health is a Blessing - Hashmats Health Launches HMC Halal Certified Vitamins & Food Supplements made with Pharmaceutical Grade Technology

Hashmats Health officially launched in November 2018 and has already grown into 25 Pharmacy retailers in less than 3 months. Worldwide Shipping is available including countries such as the United Arab Emirates. Hashmats Health has recently been nominated for "Start-up Business of the Year"' at the Islam Channel Awards.

London, United Kingdom, February 12, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Hashmats Health believes that Everyday; health is a blessing. They offer HMC Halal Certified Vitamins under the HASHMATS® brand. The business is co-founded as a family business with Akhtar Ali (Pharmacist within the UK for the last 30 years) and sons, Fahid Ali (Investment and Financial Risk Management BSc (Hons), Cass Business School, London) and Dilshad Ali (Physics BSc (Hons), Exeter University (pending)).

Hashmats Health's range of Vitamins & Minerals have claims that are proven from scientific research provided by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and developed with the expertise of a Pharmacist.

With worldwide shipping the products can be accessed whenever, wherever. Aesthetically designed with premium gold foiling, each product has come to life with its own hashtag ready to trend among the health conscious who are making the change to HASHMATS®.


HMC Halal Certified
All Hashmats Health products are Halal certified by the HMC. This guarantees Halal status of the vitamin products which provides reassurance to the consumer. Hashmats Health wouldn't let it be any other way. By certifying, they are supporting the HMC which is an independent, not-for-profit, registered charity based in the UK and recognised worldwide as a leader within Halal Certification bodies. All products are:

Free from pork and alcohol
​Free from non-halal animal based ingredients

Vegetarian Society Approved
The Vegetarian Society Approved certification mark is the world’s leading vegetarian approval scheme.

Hashmats Health products that have been officially certified by the experts at The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom as being able to carry the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark are:

HASHMATS® Health A-Z Multivitamins
HASHMATS® Health Vit-D3 1000iu
HASHMATS® Health Vit-D3 20,000iu
HASHMATS® Health Pregnancy Formula

​This means the products are: Free from any ingredient resulting from slaughter, Only free-range eggs are used, No cross-contamination during production, GMO-free, No animal testing carried out or commissioned.

​​Informed Sport
Hashmats Health A-Z Multivitamins is proudly Informed-Sport accredited with the product having gone through the rigorous Informed-Sport quality assurance program. Each batch has been tested allowing athletes to know that the finished product is safe to use and has been tested for substances listed on the WADA banned list.

Manufactured with Pharmaceutical Grade Technology under a quality management system certified to:

BRC Global Standards for Food Safety
​Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines
​The World’s Leading Quality Management Standard (ISO 9001)

A-Z Multivitamins (30/90 Tablets) Informed-Sport Certified
Everyday; health is a blessing®
33 Bio-elements for an Active Halal Lifestyle

HASHMATS® Health A-Z Multivitamins - 33 Bio-elements for an Active Halal Lifestyle - a complete formulation with minerals to supplement the body’s nutritional needs.

Energy Release & Metablism - Immune System - Protection - Eyes, Bones, Skin & Nails

VIT-D3 (1000iu/20,000iu) (30 Capsules)
Make use of sun vitamins™
Cholecalciferol Vitamin D for All Seasons

Take control of the body with one of the most powerful nutrients – the sunshine vitamin by Hashmats. Vitamin D3 is the naturally occurring form of Vitamin D. It is a fundamental bio-element used for a significant number of processes and chemical reactions that power the human body.

Immune System – Core Strength – Physical Functioning
Hair Vitamins (30 Capsules)
Whoever has hair; look after it™
Strong, Healthy Hair for Men and Women

Hashmats Health Hair Vitamins with added MSM delivers the key nutrients consumed in a Halal capsule targeting the follicles of the hair. Expect the quality of a pharmaceutical grade standard vitamin with formulation claims backed by the research of the European Food Agency (EFSA).

Anti-Aging – Collagen Formation – Powerful B-Vitamins – Maintenance

Pregnancy Formula (30 Tablets)
For mothers who care™
Vitamins and Minerals when they need it most

Hashmats Health Pregnancy Formula with added Vitamin D3 400iu provides the all essential support that the body may thrive on before, during and even after pregnancy. The formula satisfies the recommended guidelines provided by NHS England and the Department of Health, including 400mcg of Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Iron and Calcium – all recommended as part of a healthy diet during pregnancy.

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