Fastest Growing Trend in Hospitality, Cashless Tipping Through Ovation Tips

Cashless tipping through Ovation Tips connects customers to workers and is helping increase wages.

Cincinnati, OH, February 11, 2019 --( Ovation Tips, a trusted company of the hospitality industry, connects customers with service professionals that make their lives a little easier each day. In the ever evolving world and as we move towards a cashless society, mobile tipping is among the leading trends in the travel and hospitality industry. Ovation Tips enables hotel cleaning staff, bellhops, shuttle bus drivers, excursion hosts, or other hardworking employees to be rewarded without a cash transaction.

Ovation Tips gives consumers a simple method for knowing that tipping is allowed and appreciated, and a means to offer that tip without uncomfortable and awkward personal interaction associated with a hand to hand cash tip.

Ovation Tips provides a complete solution comprising of a mobile app, which is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, along with a web based dashboard for service professional management making the allocation of tips as easy as can be.

Ovation Tips gives some of the hardest working people a way to really increase their income, without working extra hours or additional jobs. Ovation Tips connects appreciative guests and patrons with the people that work so hard to make sure they are comfortable. The process is fast and convenient. The service professional receives an Ovation Tips ID during onboarding to share and display, guests enter ID number, select he amount they want to tip, and confirm.

For business travelers and companies, among the hardest items to expense is cash tips. Ovations Tips allows travelers to provide a gratuity without cash transaction, allowing simplified expense reporting for business travelers. After the tip is sent the tipper receives an instant email receipt for expensing.

Ovation Tips not only raises the wages of hard working service professionals, but providers their employers an advantage to help retain top talent and reduce their long term payroll expenses. Ovation Tips is helping hotel property owners, shuttle bus companies, valet staff reduce turnover by offering a mobile tipping option.

“We are working with a number of different hotels and shuttle bus companies to improve our service based on market demands,” said President Kevin Gildea “Tipping hardworking professionals in the hospitality does not need to be complicated. Receiving the tip should also be fast. That is what pushed us to provide a solution. This application connects guest and service professionals in meaningful ways.”

About Ovation Tips:
Ovation Tips was founded by business travelers who have been established with a goal to lessen the hassles of tip processing and professional service management. Every guest can tip a service professional with ease. Hotel cleaning staff, shuttle bus driver, and other staff in the industry can receive their rewards with comfort and satisfaction. ‘Ovation Tips: Digital applause for the service industry’.

Please feel free to contact Ovation Tips at 1-844-682-8477 for the app and dashboard demonstration.
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