SocksLane Elbow Sleeve Underwent Series of Tests on Multiple Customers Before Release

Portland, OR, February 12, 2019 --( A fairly young company, SocksLane released a new product for elbow problems only after a series of product tests. In its initial years, SocksLane took pride on customer satisfaction and strong product offerings. First and foremost, the compression socks that became the company's signature product have always been pushed as being as allergy-free as possible, already a significant leg up on other product lines that use synthetic or otherwise troublesome fabrics in their construction.

Studying the demand and doing extensive research, SocksLane made these available, also offering cotton compression knee sleeves and cotton compression elbow sleeves. Sales were brisk and encouraging, but this has not led the company to take shortcuts. Customer satisfaction is still at the top of the list of priorities for SocksLane, and indeed the new offerings underwent considerable testing procedures before being rolled out.

SocksLane products are 65% combed cotton and 35% Lycra, with a variety of hypoallergenic fibers. This results in a compression sock that fits snugly but doesn't raise any potential skin allergy issues, which SocksLane's many loyal consumers appreciates.

SocksLane elbow sleeves roll out the tight fit evenly over the elbow and generally avoid any adverse skin reactions -- which would otherwise be especially annoying for such snug socks -- has endeared them to a significant consumer base. This base has even expanded, as in 2018 SocksLane noticed a considerable rise in demand for unisex offerings.

The SocksLane elbow sleeve in particular has been tested on a range of customers before being cleared for release, in order for SocksLane to be able to ascertain the quality and comfort of the product was akin to the well-known ease of use and comfort level guaranteed by the company's traditional cotton compression socks offerings.

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Amanda Dixon