SocksLane Releases Knee Sleeves Made of Cotton for Better Comfort

Portland, OR, February 15, 2019 --( Cotton compression socks company SocksLane has committed themselves to providing their consumers with more than just their signature cotton compression socks -- by keeping their signature natural-fiber blend intact to guarantee them better comfort.

Compression socks, stockings, and knee sleeves have become sought-after garments in the last several years for some very clear and relatable reasons. Our legs are full of muscles that make many of our day-to-day gross-motor movements possible -- climbing stairs, walking, jumping, squatting down, bending, even literally getting out of bed. It's important for these muscles, especially at the joints, to be properly oxygenated; this happens with efficient and consistent blood flow.

However, the valves in our veins can struggle with keeping this process up the more strain they undergo, which leads to blood pooling in the veins. Jobs that require a lot of static sitting or standing, or long drives or plane trips, make for uncomfortable legs because of this problem. As such, people have really taken to wearing lots of compression attire. Compression's snug fit helps encourage better blood flow in the veins, which ensures proper oxygenation of the muscles.

All well and good, but the problem with compression garments -- socks and sleeves alike -- is that some companies make them with synthetic materials, which can result in some skin irritation or allergy triggering. This is particularly irksome with compression socks and sleeves, because the tight fit pretty much means the irritation is stuck with you. SocksLane has always angled away from this uncomfortable possibility by making their socks and knee sleeves out of a blend of combed cotton and Lycra, as well as hypoallergenic fibers. Amazon reviewer Zuzuma describes the socks as "the best compression socks to buy," having worn them on a cross-country plane trip, while reviewer Suzrs is happy for how the cotton "allows your feet to breathe." Pleasant results like these are why SocksLane has made sure to use this quality cotton combination for their expanding product line as well.

You can get SocksLane products via the company website,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon