SocksLane Launches Cotton Compression Knee Sleeves After Extensive Research

Portland, OR, February 15, 2019 --( Compression attire has hit a new high in popularity, and Amanda and Dave Dixon's premier compression socks company SocksLane has sought to capitalize on this to respond to demand. While the company is currently well-known for their well-received compression socks, SocksLane has elected to cater to a new demand segment by producing compression knee sleeves after a considerable degree of research.

SocksLane made their name offering compression socks that promised durability, comfort, and effective design. Made of 65% combed cotton and 35% Lycra as well as hypoallergenic fibers, the SocksLane compression socks have typically done well for the company, offering a signature snug fit that holds well to various leg shapes. Aside from the comfort guaranteed by the allergy-free fabric construction, SocksLane compression socks have been designed to avoid creating the "tourniquet effect" many fear from most compression attire -- instead having a snug 15/20mmHg compression that is evenly distributed across the leg. Women immediately took to the product, and as such earlier marketing efforts focused on them. In 2018, however, demand pushed SocksLane to consider and carry out a set of offerings for men as well, with the line expanding to offer some unisex products.

Along with the unisex socks offerings, SocksLane did extensive research into the feasibility of offering high-quality cotton compression knee sleeves. The move was projected to bring SocksLane into a competitive stance with other producers of compression knee sleeves, but in the words of co-founder and CEO Dave Dixon, SocksLane was "confident that [the product] will stand out." There is no shortage of demand for compression knee sleeves, as the knee is well-known for its extent of hard work and need for very specific care. As a product designed with quality and comfort in mind, the SocksLane compression knee sleeves have brought SocksLane's signature design principles a little higher up the leg.

SocksLane products can be purchased through the company website,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon