SocksLane Launches Cotton Compression Elbow Sleeves After Customer Feedback

Portland, OR, February 16, 2019 --( SocksLane received a great deal of feedback from customers, which led them to release new cotton compression gear: the SocksLane Elbow Sleeves. The product was recently released and is currently receiving good feedback from customers.

Dave Dixon, CEO and co-founder of the company said in an interview, "Paying attention to customer feedback is a huge part of running any business. Customer reviews are often a valuable way for a company to quickly and efficiently identify lapses in product quality, which is also important in order for the company to be able to address and correct such lapses."

He further said, "This is why companies make their online portals so accessible, so as to allow consumers to let them know what works and what doesn't. Another benefit is that companies can gauge demand for certain product types. Part of SocksLane's strong reputation has always been its keen attention to customer service, which has allowed us to respond to increased demand for compression elbow sleeves made with their signature design specifications and quality."

The companies recently released compression elbow sleeves is now appreciated for the care they offer the elbow joint. The sleeves work both as a contributive remedy and a preventive measure (depending on the user). The compression elbow sleeve has a lot to offer the beleaguered arm joint -- compression ensures proper circulation, which allows the appropriate amount of blood flow to oxygenate the muscles inside the arm, while the snug fit minimizes inflammation that causes pain.

SocksLane started out offering compression socks for women, with a strong focus on quality product and customer satisfaction. The 65% combed cotton/35% Lycra and hypoallergenic fibers construction of the compression socks has created a product that fits snugly without being an allergy risk for customers. Indeed, soon there was demand for unisex offerings, and compression knee sleeves as well as cotton compression elbow sleeves -- and in response to customer feedback, SocksLane has now opted to make these available. The unisex elbow sleeve will be available in S, M, L, and XL sizes, and will feature an ergonomic design that provides comfort while preserving range of motion and mobility.

SocksLane products are available via the company website,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon