The Game of Creativity Launches Campaign to Spark More Creative Ideas

Getting past the blank page when writing or creating is often the hardest part of making. The Game of Creativity has launched a campaign to help with that problem.

Columbus, OH, February 16, 2019 --( The Game of Creativity is a fun tool for helping people through creative blocks and at the same time helping build creative confidence to use on other problems/projects. Creativity can be defined as one's ability to make connections between 2 or more things, The Game of Creativity is a fun way to help do just that very quickly & easily.

How the game works

Flip over a story brief card at random.

Flip over 1 or more ingredient cards at random.

Think, write or draw your vision of how the combination of the cards come together.

Inside each deck of The Game of Creativity: Volume 2, there's 100 cards, 50 story briefs and 50 ingredient cards. The story brief cards include a short story with underlined nouns (person, places or things) for the player to think about specifically. The ingredient cards are individual things or objects that help players create a connection to something they wouldn't have otherwise.

This game isn’t just for highly creative pros, it’s for anyone that wishes to think more creatively in their lives no matter their profession. (That's right, creativity has more to do with thinking than it does making)

Players can play the game of creativity alone, with friends, with their company or team, they can even be used with your kids or in the classroom as a fun way to spark imaginations and get some wild ideas.

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