ASTER Labs Selected as Educational Satellite Kit Distributor

Theia Space and ASTER Labs reach exclusive agreement for US and Canadian sales venture.

Shoreview, MN, February 21, 2019 --( ASTER Labs, Inc. is thrilled to announce a new agreement with Theia Space, a revolutionary space systems engineering initiative, to become the exclusive distributor of their ESAT product. The ESAT is an innovative educational nanosatellite kit, and ASTER Labs will begin immediate operations to support all sales of Theia Space’s ESAT products within the United States and Canada.

ASTER Labs is a preeminent innovator of spacecraft navigation technologies. This complements Theia Space’s focus on developing space missions and supplying educational satellite subsystems. This agreement provides greater government, academic, and commercial access to nanosatellite, or “CubeSat,” products designed specifically for educational and training development, particularly for new or emerging research initiatives.

ASTER Labs’ CEO and Founder, Dr. Suneel I. Sheikh said, “ASTER Labs is excited about the possibilities this agreement brings to the future of space technology development. The highly capable Theia Space ESAT kit will be an excellent extension of our product portfolio to better serve our academic customers in US and Canada. Space exploration and navigation is expanding beyond traditional government programs and the availability of CubeSats has significantly reduced barriers for academic research and commercial enterprises to move from theoretical to experimental research. The ESAT provides the space tech industry with a small, manageable, and affordable laboratory kit that is especially effective for space-based training and testing in academic and engineering development settings. We look forward to working with Theia Space in pursuit of our shared goals in education and space exploration.”

Theia Space’s CEO Ana Laverón Simavilla states, “Theia Space is pleased to partner with ASTER Labs and extend our reach into the North American educational markets. Our ESAT system is designed to aid a variety of academic institutions starting at elementary level STEM programs, progressing to university education, and even to commercial and government engineers for developmental training. Collaboration with ASTER Labs will provide Theia Space with an amazing opportunity to network with leaders in North American education and be a part of the development of future space researchers and engineers.”

ASTER Labs works to provide full service and support for nanosatellite mission training that includes ESAT component technical sales and support. The collaboration between ASTER Labs and Theia Space is expected to further develop United States and Canadian educational program goals in the areas of space engineering and exploration. The new agreement will support research and development as well as satellite operations.

About Theia Space
Theia Space, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is an initiative pioneered by the E-USOC to create solutions in space systems engineering through the use of their ESAT, an educational nanosatellite designed for hands-on training in STEM and university engineering programs. E-USOC is the Spanish User Support and Operations Centre, a center of Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), located on the Campus de Montegancedo, specialized in Research and Development activities in the fields of space science and technology. Theia Space further specializes in mission development and supplying satellite subsystems.

About ASTER Labs, Inc.
ASTER Labs, Inc., Shoreview, MN, was founded in 2004 and is a research and development firm that primarily focuses on advanced topics in the aerospace industry. It also provides engineering services and prototype development for numerous customers. Research within the company is concentrated on the analysis of aerospace systems and sub-systems with potential for significant contributions to related technology, such as space vehicle systems, medical sensor development, and personal consumer products. ASTER Labs has pursued environmental analysis for applications related to the topics above.ASTER Labs develops and licenses its own intellectual property. ASTER Labs has an established record of utilizing its research to support science and engineering education, with active students regularly integrated into its work environment.

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