New Book by Daniel Cobble on Revolutionary Equity-Based Healthcare

Daniel Cobble outlines what he calls the “administrative framework” for the revolutionary equity-based healthcare system in a new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. He writes in the preface, “Americans ‘are missing the boat” without EBH in their lives...”

Louisville, KY, February 22, 2019 --( Access to health care has been a topic of conversation for decades, and the ever-increasing cost of providing care has made it paramount to find a way to fund universal healthcare. Daniel Cobble’s new book, released by Dog Ear Publishing, takes on that challenge. He proposes that the high-efficiency equity-based system provides much lower-cost of care for everyone that must also reduce taxation. He writes that he first introduced the concept to government in 1996.

In “The Equity-based Healthcare (EBH) System: How High-efficiency EBH Provides Low-Cost Medicare-for-all & Reduced Taxes,” activist Cobble describes how the system resolves all the problems of healthcare. He details how a universal three-tier medical claim payout framework would replace today’s seven fragments of high costs that unduly complicate U.S. healthcare.

EBH is based in part on the business model of whole life insurance, which does not allow deductibles or co-pays. He writes that insurance company profits and costs are no longer taken from paid premiums, but as with whole life insurance, insurance companies earn profits by investing the “ratepayer escrow accounts” and thus are removed as middlemen in the medical claims process. In addition, he writes that EBH would prevent fraud, overcharges and waste, thanks to the patient-verified billing (PVB) System. And, PVB’s direct authentication of billings saves layers of paperwork. He shows how medical debt and bankruptcies cannot exist with EBH.

He writes that not having a true multi-tier system sharing costs based on ratepayer equity is why healthcare has not been resolved. The three-tier system allows affordable premiums based on income, including for welfare recipients, and even lower-cost EBH sponsorships for homeless persons. Tier-3 is the newly reorganized Joint Medicare Trust Fund (MTF) that provides the safety net for all patients transferred from tier-2 (preexisting conditions go directly to tier-3). Tier-3 MTF functions as Medicare-for-all for when needed and yet is very low cost by being leveraged by tiers 1 and 2. “Full consumer participation is what makes EBH work,” he writes. “Regular people must have the option of buying into the system, or it breaks down.”

Page 44 in the book shows the EBH 54 percent less in premium payments by contrast to Humana Group Health. And premiums are losses to Humana vs. the asset acquisition of EBH premiums paid into employee escrow accounts. Cobble says this is why businesses should support EBH.

The book covers what might happen if the United States was under the universal EBH system; how EBH coverage would operate and be funded; nonprofit insurance cooperatives; merging telemedicine with EBH; and the American Healthcare Equity Act bill drafted in the last chapter.

Author Daniel Cobble is a designer and inventor. He served eight years in the U.S. Navy and has an associate degree in applied sciences from the Louisville Technical Institute (now as Sullivan College of Technology & Design). At age 21, he won Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation’s national sales award for second-highest sales volume increase for the Ray Danner franchise. He developed the concept for a dual opposing-rotating impeller propulsion system for reducing fuel consumption in ships, etc.

He developed a holistic process called inflectional therapy (IT) and used it to lift himself out of manic depression suffered since childhood. He designed Operation: Servicemembers Wellness Maintenance based on IT to help the U.S. military reduce post-traumatic stress disorder, suicides and anxiety from sexual assaults, although the Pentagon has not yet adopted OSWM. This activist and paralegal believes public support for “administrative activism” such as the EBH system holds the key to reforming government. He is now working on EBH Volume 2 that helps to guide Americans on how to safely implement EBH.

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The Equity-based Healthcare (EBH) System
Daniel Cobble
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6799-5 154 pages (print 8-1/2 x 11 in.) $19.95 USD
eBook (audio enabled) $7.99 USD

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