Malak Jewelers Wants to Defend Consumers from the Invasion of Synthetic Diamonds

More and more synthetic diamonds are entering the marketplace every day and Malak Jewelers is lobbying for mandatory labeling of synthetic diamonds.

Charlotte, NC, February 22, 2019 --( Malak Jewelers is lobbying for mandatory labeling of synthetic diamonds. Labeling the stones will protect consumers from both intentional and accidental misrepresentation. In partnership with the Diamond Producers Association, which are running the "Real is Rare, Real is Diamond" campaign to combat the lab-grown or synthetic diamond invasion.

This family owned retailer wants to make it clear to consumers that natural diamonds are the only true diamonds. The natural, geologic processes is what makes them gemstones as synthetic diamonds by the very nature of their origin are not gemstones, as they are laboratory grown crystals. To call synthetic diamonds “gemstones” is “deceptive and unfair” according to the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Synthetic manufactures claim that their imitations are better for both people and the environment is inaccurate. In truth, synthetic diamonds require nearly 400% more kilowatt-hours of energy to produce per carat than natural diamonds, which take hundreds of thousands of years to become real diamonds.

As technology develops every day, the cost of lab-grown or synthetic diamonds will drop dramatically in value, costing the holder immense losses.
Malak Jewelers
Asaad Malakr