SocksLane Has a New Product for Tennis Elbow Problems

Portland, OR, February 22, 2019 --( Despite thus far being known more for their excellent compression socks offerings, cotton compression socks company SocksLane has responded to consistent consumer demand for more types of product. One of the new offerings, a cotton compression elbow sleeve, is set to take on the common complaint of tennis elbow, all while maintaining SocksLane's longstanding commitment to comfort. This new product offering puts SocksLane's signature design principles, with a focus on hypoallergenic fabrics and customer comfort, to use in a new way.

The mention of "tennis elbow" might engender expectations of dealing with sports injuries exclusively, but any physician will clarify that "tennis elbow" is a repetitive motion stress injury that can be experienced by anyone, even someone who has never set foot on a tennis court. The strain placed on the elbow can come from jobs that require lifting or machine control, athletic pursuits that don't involve tennis at all like weight lifting, CrossFit, and so on, and a number of other potential activities. Whatever the case, compression is always one of the recommended remedies, thanks to how compression encourages.

SocksLane received plenty of consumer inquiries and requests for expansions in the product line in 2018, and so researched the possibility of offering more than just cotton compression socks. Indeed, the time was deemed right to release a new cotton compression elbow sleeve, and the first quarter of 2019 will see the new product rolled out.

The unisex compression elbow sleeve will be available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL), and will feature SocksLane's familiar cotton/Lycra/hypoallergenic fiber blend that has been proven to be allergy-free. It is likewise projected to hold up to SocksLane's usual quality standards, as International Testing Results have demonstrated the elbow sleeve's ability to remain snug and effective even after 40 washings.

SocksLane products can be bought on Amazon at or at the company website, The compression elbow sleeves are on Amazon as well at
Amanda Dixon