Smart Bus System Integration with WoMaster’s WR329P

New Taipei, Taiwan, March 06, 2019 --( WoMaster has developed a new industrial Cellular Ethernet Routing Switch WR329 specially designed for Smart Bus applications. It combines the functions of LTE/WiFi router and 8-Port PoE switch.

With the growth of urban population and overall trend of population aging, bus is becoming one of the main means of transportation. Such issues as collision and congestion prevention, infotainment (internet access to passengers), security (vehicle IP-surveillance), fleet management, vehicle tracking, navigation, emergency connectivity, and remote control - are urging Departments of Transport to develop concepts of Smart Bus ecosystems and implement Smart Bus networks.

The WR329 is designed for vehicle on-board deployment for powering connected cameras, NVR, and data visualization dashboard. IP-cameras can be installed for on-board security monitoring and for identifying pedestrians. When someone gets close to a bus, the driver sees an orange alert on the dashboard. If the software determines a likely collision, the display flashes red and an alert sound is produced. The router also handles data exchange with other vehicles, smart traffic lights, toll collection points, commercial enterprise offerings, traffic alerts, intersection information, and more. The collected data is transmitted to a Cloud Platform (AWS, Azure or ThingsMaster) for uninterrupted real-time access, visualization and control.

The space saving design of the WR329 combines Cellular/WiFi Router and 24V Boost PoE Switch in one device, replacing separate PoE Switches and LTE/Wi-Fi routers. It is Amazon AWS-, Microsoft Azure- and ThingsMaster-IoT-edge ready for instant cloud connectivity. High-speed LTE/WiFi routing and dual SIM standby allow to select the best performing network in any situation.

The WR329 features an 8-port 10/100M PoE Switch for delivering up to 30W per port PoE to connected IP-cameras, a Gigabit Ethernet WAN port for NVR, and USB for easy on-site configuration/firmware update. The rugged housing is designed for in-vehicle installation with operating temperatures from -40° to +75°C.

About WoMaster:
With over 20 years of industrial IoT market experience, WoMaster Group is one of the leading IoT providers in Industrial world. The company is joint ventured by global listed Industrial companies including IEIxQNAP Group, HMS Industrial Networks, and HolyStone Group. WoMaster designs and manufactures high-quality industrial products for critical applications such as railway, power and utility, intelligent transportation and smart city surveillance. From networking devices to all-in-one communication station, WoMaster adds value by the hardened design, public and private cloud platform, high levels of Cyber Security protection, and customer oriented solutions.

Tatiana Khunkhenova