More Than 1000 Reviews on for SocksLane

Portland, OR, February 23, 2019 --( The popularity of compression wear has taken many by surprise, but not Amanda and Dave Dixon's company, SocksLane. The young compression sock company has spent the last few years building up a strong reputation for customer satisfaction and quality product, and now has 1,126 reviews (and counting) on to attest to that.

Compression attire has taken on a new level of popularity thanks to people coming around to its many benefits. Compression encourages proper blood circulation, which is why many companies have taken to producing compression wear specifically for feet, legs, elbows, and knees. These body parts are commonly susceptible to maladies brought on by poor or insufficient circulation, as the body's struggle in maintaining proper blood flow due to long periods of sitting or standing results in issues like Deep Vein Thrombosis.

However, while some companies have endeavored to produce items made from synthetic materials, these tend to be less than well received. Allergy-inducing synthetic fibers can create a very uncomfortable experience for users, which results in unfavorable reviews. SocksLane has chosen to sidestep this problem by making their socks and other products out of a blend of combed cotton, Lycra and spandex, and hypoallergenic fibers.

The comfortable snug fit is complemented by an effective 15.20mmHg compression that is well-distributed, preventing a tourniquet effect that lesser product might make do with. This also results in a compression sock that stays in place without shifting or bunching.

More than 1000 satisfied customers have voiced their pleasure with the product on Reviews from verified purchases like "lauren"'s mention that the socks are "so comfortable," while others like "R. Petry" note the foot padding as a notable feature. Senior citizen "V M" was pleased to have instructions that help roll out the snug-fitting, comfortable compression socks. Nurses like "CandizzyMom" have voiced their appreciation for these socks at their work, also calling out how "[the] socks don't break out [the] skin, or over squeeze, or under squeeze."

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