SocksLane Elbow Sleeve Undergoes Extensive Testing to Ensure Quality on Release

Portland, OR, February 24, 2019 --( Amanda and Dave Dixon's company, SocksLane, has been known for customer satisfaction and quality compression socks, and its success has spurred the release of new compression elbow sleeve offerings. With customer care in mind, these offerings have undergone considerable testing to make sure they are of SocksLane's signature quality.

SocksLane avoids such bugaboos by using 65% combed cotton and 35% Lycra, with a variety of hypoallergenic fibers. This results in a compression sock that fits snugly but doesn't raise any potential skin allergy issues, which SocksLane's many loyal consumers appreciates.

One of the most well-appreciated features of SocksLane's original offerings has been the even distribution of compression over the leg. Another is the way that the 65% combed cotton and 35% Lycra blend, which also uses hypoallergenic materials, results in a pleasant, allergy-free wearing experience for users. The compression socks have been so popular that customers have begun to request that this attention to care and detail be applied to different new types of product, such as elbow sleeves.

The groundswell of demand for new product in 2018 made SocksLane explore their options. SocksLane has always made customer care a priority in the way they do business, and so the company paid close attention to the demand. However, rather than immediately begin production on new product offerings, SocksLane has also had to take into account the need for customer satisfaction. As such, the company made sure to subject the new product to extensive tests to guarantee that it would be a quality product.

The unisex compression elbow sleeve offers 4-way compression with sizes in S, M, L, and XL, and has been proven by International Testing Results to not lose compression quality and strength after multiple washes. Up to 40 washes had no discernible effect on the quality of the product, which can serve as an indicator that the product will perform well.

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Amanda Dixon