SKYHIGH.VIP Has Recently Entered the Asia Pacific Market

SKYHIGH.VIP will inject USD$10 million into its expansion plans targeted at the Asia Pacific Market.

SKYHIGH.VIP Has Recently Entered the Asia Pacific Market
Bangkok, Thailand, February 28, 2019 --( Concierge services have been around since the turn of the century and have always been associated exclusively with high-society and luxury lifestyle.

“This is something that is changing with the evolution of modern technology and increased accessibility,” voiced Adrian Tang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SKYHIGH.VIP, a members-only concierge and lifestyle club.

“These days, quality concierge services are not only available to the ultra-rich and HNWI, but also to the general public at large and SKYHIGH.VIP has proven this fact beyond a doubt.”

Looking set to transform the global perspective of concierge services and how the general public embraces this growing trend, SKYHIGH.VIP has expanded aggressively in the Asia Pacific region the past year alone, with offices and physical presence established in emerging markets. Providing full-fledged concierge services locally but as a global integrated unit utilizing the latest in technological advancements, SKYHIGH.VIP is changing the modern concierge landscape to benefit the masses.

Founded in 2009 as a relocation company for expats moving into Asia, the company has transformed over the years into a Concierge Powerhouse that has over 3,000 individual members. Francis Michael, SKYHIGH.VIP’s Chief Operating Officer, noted that the company’s expansion plan is based on strategic partnerships and he has personally inked several high-profile partnerships with companies such as LHW, St. Regis and Bottega SpA.

David Ong, Senior Account Manager of SKYHIGH.VIP, mentioned that the company has an aggressive appetite of over USD $10 million for expansion in the Asia Pacific Region within the next 3 years and that they are self-funded by the founder’s previous businesses and are now looking to break-even within the next 2 years.

Spearheading SKYHIGH.VIP’s strong engagement in several global events in terms of sponsorship and speaking engagements, Phoebe Ma, SKYHIGH.VIP’s PR & Events Manager believes that such involvement is crucial to establishing an unparalleled subsistence and to transcend the existing boundaries in the Concierge Industry in APAC.

Headquartered in Singapore and located at The Centennial Tower, within the prime business district, SKYHIGH.VIP’s swanky office gives visitors a feel of its luxurious services and showcases its mission of forging the concept of “Concierge-behind-the-Concierge.” Badrul Alam, Accounts Manager, added that this concept resonates well with the company’s latest corporate offering, “Concierge – Powered by SKYHIGH.VIP.”

To add to the innovation and shakeup call to this lucrative industry, Jayden, SKYHIGH.VIP’s Technology & IT Manager, noted that the company has several new techs under the SKYHIGH.VIP arm, but the most powerful of it all is “SKY Remote,” a remote concierge service system, specially designed and integrated with the main framework, that grants 24/7 global video access to live concierge executives, thereby helping companies and organizations save on labour cost.

SKYHIGH.VIP is an exclusive members only concierge and lifestyle club offering global concierge services 24/7/365. Our discerning members who require distinguished services are served by a team of dedicated & multi-tasking concierge executives and selected vendors spanning 8 regions, in 92 cities, across 45 countries, providing them the ultimate in holistic & personalized solutions with a human touch.
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