SocksLane's New Product Can Help Those with Golfer's Elbow

Portland, OR, February 27, 2019 --( A top-quality manufacturer of popular cotton compression socks, SocksLane has kept itself busy by making a name for itself in producing high-quality cotton compression socks and ensuring customer satisfaction. Amanda and Dave Dixon's company has held fast to the belief that "everyone deserves products that solve real problems and add value to our lives," guided by that philosophy in identifying products that can be of help to consumers and finding approaches that guarantee satisfaction without compromising quality.

Offering quality compression gear is one way to help people with their problems, specifically ones that involve their health. Compression is popular because it helps the body circulate blood more efficiently, rather than have slowed or impeded circulation resulting in blood pooling and veins getting thick. Even injuries don't heal well when circulation is impeded or slow, which is why those with knee or elbow problems tend to rely on circulation.

SocksLane's compression wear has been popular with females and workers who have to sit or stand for long periods, which is one risk factor that can lead to slowed circulation and subsequent issues with deep vein thrombosis and other maladies. The 65% combed cotton and 35% lycra, spandex and other hypoallergenic fiber blend makes the socks comfortable and allergy-risk-free.

SocksLane's new compression elbow sleeve can help those with golfer's elbow, or medial epicondylitis, if their doctor deems this a suitable recovery approach. Golfer's elbow can affect more than just golfers, of course, as like tennis elbow it's a catch-all name for muscle and tendon damage in the area that affects wrist and finger control. Compression is commonly recommended to those suffering from the injury, as proper circulation can help the muscles repair themselves and the snug fit keeps the arm from untoward movement that might worsen the inflammation.

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Amanda Dixon