ASAlaser's Results in 2018: An Exponential Growth in Turnover Since 2016

Significantly increased revenue from sales and performance compared with the past two years (+ 14.6% compared with 2017 and + 30% compared with 2016) for the company which focuses on laser therapy for both the Human and Veterinary sectors. The forecast target for 2019: a further increase in revenue from budgeted sales of 5.5% compared with the 2018 result.

Vicenza, Italy, March 14, 2019 --( ASA’s 2018 year-end closes hallmarked by growth in budget terms but also by the hiring of new staff members, by the number of hours dedicated to training and by scientific and clinical studies carried out to complement its therapies. This is confirmed by the data which record an increase in revenue from sales and performances of 14.6% compared with the previous year and by 30% compared with 2016. An encouraging result which is the outcome of a carefully planned strategy focusing on consolidating existing markets, on a shrewd commercial policy of its Hilterapia®, MLS® Laser Therapy and Magnetotherapy Qs devices in addition to developing high-performance new therapeutic solutions.

Where 2017 was in fact marked by the launch of “TT,” 2018 was hallmarked by MiS-MLS® High Peak Pulse; the perfect synthesis between MLS® Laser Therapy and Hilterapia®, which reaches peak power performances of around a kW.

"The 2018 result," explains Roberto Marchesini, CEO of ASAlaser, "is also the outcome of investment choices capable of calibrating research and development with assessing new markets in addition to those where we have been operating for some time and where we retain loyalty by means of initiatives, particularly training ones. On the strength of the feedback obtained, we will continue along this path, working in order to obtain a further growth in turnover during 2019, which we provisionally hypothesise at 5.5%."

For 2019, the objectives are clear: running further scientific and clinical studies in support of its therapies and innovative therapeutic solutions and, last but not least, moving to a new production site where the spaces are better structured in relation to the company’s updated production requirements and the increase in personnel employed.

Human resources: recruiting new employees and further additions for 2019
52 employees with an average age of 44: this is the typical profile of the ASAlaser human resources up to 2018, where additional professional figures were added to the pay-roll and more will be added during the course of this year. “People are the main capital of the company, the endorsers of our philosophy and the expression of our growth plan. In this perspective, we invest in constant internal training, aware that their professional progress goes hand-in-hand with the company’s,” explains Roberto Marchesini, CEO of ASAlaser. 1123 hours were provided last year, structured in group and one-to-one courses on topics such as project management, leadership, regulatory, technical and administrative in-depth analysis.

Research: 11% of turnover for new studies and projects

For ASAlaser Research represents a constant commitment and a functional and concrete project to substantiate the value of its therapies.

"This year, we have allocated 11% of the turnover to Research. A percentage which represents continuity with the past," explains Lucio Zaghetto, Scientific & Educational Director, "during which a series of basic research and clinical programs implemented directly by ASAcampus (the scientific division of ASAlaser) staff or sponsored by the company took place."

Specifically during 2018, the company supported several international clinical research studies intended to analyse the positive contribution of MLS® Laser Therapy for treating knee, wrist and ankle pain and temporo-mandibular issues.

During the year, ASAcampus initiated 2 currently in-progress projects and concluded 3 studies – one of which took place entirely in 2018 – strictly targeted on the effects of laser and magneto therapy. Others were also added, in conjunction with other partners (one of which ended in 2018 and one which actually began last year and is currently still developing), some of which envisage laser studies.

2018: achievements
The past year also coincided with two significant anniversaries: the first 10 years of the partnership with the Federazione Italiana Scherma (Italian Fencing Federation), to which ASA provided its Hilterapia® and MLS® Laser Therapy therapeutic solutions, and the tenth anniversary of “Energy For Health”. The magazine issued by ASAcampus and sent to over 60 countries worldwide with a circulation of 7000 copies, distributed free of charge during training courses and conventions and shipped to those who request it, aims to disseminate knowledge and promote information in the fields of laser and Magnetotherapy.

"Right from the beginning," explains Lucio Zaghetto, "research has been our guide and our beacon. We have been keeping faith with this principle since 1983 and the milestone we have achieved with Energy for Health is tangible proof of this."
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