Geon Network Launches Its In-App Store and Covers the World in Geon Beacons

Gibraltar, Gibraltar, March 05, 2019 --( These are truly exciting times for the leader of localised incentives Geon Network Limited (“GEON,” “Geon Network” or “Company”), its GeonApp and the community gathered around them. Another major milestone was reached recently with over 30,000 user downloads since the alpha release of the GeonApp on October 27, 2018.

At the same time the Geon product introduction video went past 160,000 views on YouTube. But the biggest news of them all has to be the release of the Geon in-app store and the placement of over 1,5 million Geon beacons all over the world.

On February 25, 2019, Geon Network announced a release of its in-app store, available as a free update to all past and future users of the GeonApp. Alongside the Geon Store the company also announced a placement of over 1,5 million Geon beacons all over the Planet, each of them filled with Geon Coins.

“We want to reach everyone, regardless of where in the world they are. We are a global company and we want to see everyone included and able to participate in our vision of the future.” - Robert Radek, CEO.

Every user of the GeonApp can withdraw (geomine) those coins and then exchange them for items available at the Geon Store, a brand new in-app store launched with a range of digital goods. At launch those include Netflix and Steam vouchers, PayPal gifts and cryptocurrency vouchers, but Geon Network’s current and future partners will be able to add their own items to the Geon Store as well. Some of those partners will be announced soon.

One of the most interesting features of the Geon Store is the fact that any business will soon be able to purchase Geon Coins directly from the Geon Network and use them to set up their own Geons.

Creating Geons and filling them up with Geon Coins will spark interest and attract users to their location, creating a brand new way to bring potential clients to participating businesses.

Geon Network is therefore bringing the power of location-based marketing to every business owner around the world.
Geon Network Ltd.
Maciej Rynarzewski