Standigm Launches Artificial Intelligence-Driven Drug Discovery Service at 2019 BIO-Asia International Conference in Tokyo, Japan

Standigm, a company using the advanced AI technology to drug discovery, launched the customized early drug discovery and target study service, "Standigm Insight®," at 2019 BIO-Asia International Conference in Tokyo, Japan. Standigm Insight® provides AI-driven new indication prediction and novel target analysis service for customer’s in-house products.

Seoul, Korea, South, March 04, 2019 --( Standigm, a company using the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to drug discovery, unveiled its latest technology and launched the customized early drug discovery service, "Standigm Insight®," at 2019 BIO-Asia International Conference being held in March 5-6, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.

"Standigm Insight®" is an AI-driven customer-friendly service that reinforces customer’s in-house compounds with providing new indication prediction and novel target analysis service.

"Standigm Insight® arouses the interest of pharmaceutical companies. One-on-one partnering has been scheduled with several leading pharmaceutical companies. We are expecting more deals than last year when the first generation of Standigm Insight® was launched. Four contracts have been made with global pharmas since the last meeting. Parts of the projects have been successfully completed with a satisfactory response. Those positive results lead to prepare the next contract,” said Jinhan Kim, the CEO and co-founder of Standigm.

BIO-Asia International is one of the Asia's largest partnering conference for the biotechnology industry. It brings around three hundred global companies annually, offering high-profile workshop and panel participation, company pitches, and one-on-one partnering.

About Standigm

Standigm is a drug discovery company that searches therapeutic lead compounds using advanced artificial intelligence trained on biomedical big data. Standigm removes the traditional guesswork by applying cutting-edge AI technology to integrated biomedical database and learning what is hiding just out of sight. It eliminates some of the uncertainty in the drug discovery process; instead of fishing in the dark for effective treatments, we can focus on developing candidates that are primed for success.

Standigm was founded in Seoul, South Korea, in May 2015 by three experts in artificial intelligence and systems biology from Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, currently having 21 members including 11 Ph.Ds. Standigm attracted about 3.4 million dollars of investments in 2016 and completed Series B funds from VCs including LB Investment, Kakao Ventures, and Atinum Investment in 2019.

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