The Original SleepCoffee® Launches a New Line of Kpods, Changing the Way You Think of Coffee

The Original SleepCoffee® new Kpods and Sleep are now Best Friends Forever. A great tomorrow begins with a K cup of SleepCoffee tonight.

Palm Springs, CA, March 05, 2019 --( The Original SleepCoffee® unveils SleepCoffee Kpods which are the most unexpected breakthrough sleep aid in years.

"The SleepCoffee herbal blend promotes safe, natural neurologically restful sleep," says founder George Smart.

According to Dr. Drysdale, in a comment about SleepCoffee, "Good healthy sleep has been proven to diminish depression, increase longevity, improve memory and boost global cognitive function."

Comparing the energy drink category with The Original SleepCoffee:

(1) Energy drinks offer only one core benefit, an extreme caffeine rush to give you energy. SleepCoffee similarly offers a specialty formulated high quality sleep aid that promotes a good night of sleep.

(2) Energy drinks cost between $1.50 to $4.00 a serving. SleepCoffee Kpods costs between $1.25 and $2.00 a serving.

It is misled to compare the cost of the SleepCoffee® to other coffees. SleepCoffee is a unique specialized offering as a proprietary formulated natural organic herbal sleep aid.

SleepCoffee founder, George, believes everyone deserves a good night's sleep. George shared that, "SleepCoffee is a non-habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep, so you wake up feeling terrific."

A SleepCoffee team member say, "Here at SleepCoffee, we are dedicated to bring customers quality sleep and we pride ourselves in providing delicious, organic, proprietary formulated SleepCoffee."

About The Original SleepCoffee®
Be Original! SleepCoffee was the first and has always been the most effective SleepCoffee marketed in the world.

Industry leading food scientists developed a safe proprietary herbal formula that could be added to decaffeinated coffee. The Original SleepCoffee® blend includes organically sourced Melatonin, Hops, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Hawthorne Root and Lemon Balm. SleepCoffee is a specialized unique blend of natural herbal ingredients that promote sleep naturally. SleepCoffee decaf is Natural Water Process decaffeinated and 100% organic. No harmful chemical is used growing or processing SleepCoffee.

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George Smart