FMP, LLC announces Author Logan J Hannen's Return with Two Books & a Punk Rock Agenda

Bordentown, NJ, March 11, 2019 --( 24-year-old New Jersey native, Logan J. Hannen, re-released his debut novel, The Doctor Will See You Now, along with his debut poetry/photography collection, Songs of Rebellion, through local press Forever Morris Publishing, LLC. Initially released in February 2017, the novel has received all 5-star reviews on Amazon with the most common response being that readers, “can’t seem to put it down.”

Per Logan J. Hannen, “I’ve always kind of felt alienated from the hardcore literature world. To me, I’ve always felt more at home with musicians, because they always manage to connect more directly with people on this wider scale. One of the things I swore to myself when I got ready to begin the next phase of my writing career was to try to exist in this space between literature and music that maybe doesn’t exist yet. That’s what the Songs Trilogy is - in effect - they are singles leading up to a new ‘album’ in the form of the next novel. They’re also a chance to bridge the thematic gaps between books as well to give the reader a sense of direction for where I am headed next.”

The Doctor Will See You Now follows Dr. Michael Blake, a hospital physician whose unique empathy condition causes his body to mirror the symptoms of his patients when he is in their presence. When Blake is assigned the case of a ten-year-old boy, he initially writes it off as a sad, but typical case of juvenile onset diabetes. As the boy’s health takes several hard left turns for the worse, Blake realizes that everything with the boy’s family is not as it seems, and is forced to straddle the line between physician and healer as he attempts to save the boy’s life.

Songs of Rebellion is a collection of poems, lyrics, and photographs inspired by the emotional journey that we all take as we grow and discover who we are, and how different that can be from who we've believed ourselves to be.

Mr. Hannen was raised in Brick and lives in Tuckerton. A graduate of Stockton University with a B.A. in Criminal Justice, he is pursuing his Masters in Forensic Psychology. A huge fan of all things slightly nerdy, his favorite film is David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and is a fan of almost all music, from John Mayer to punk-rock band Say Anything.

Check out Mr. Hannen’s social media pages for details on events, readings, and signings he will be attending. The Doctor Will See You Now, and Songs of Rebellion are available now on Amazon for Kindle and in print, and on the site’s Kindle Unlimited subscription service.

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