New Novel "Saving Grace: A Troubled School" Could Help Avert Future School Shootings

Tampa, FL, March 13, 2019 --( Promising author Vivian Chas takes on a much-needed issue in this riveting story inspired by the Florida Parkland School shooting which raises the question whether neighborly love and kindness could have prevented such a catastrophe. "Saving Grace: A Troubled School" is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions.

The storyline encapsulates the philosophy that love conquers evil. According to the author, evil resides in a person’s heart and not in a weapon. Proclaiming herself as an advocate for love, Vivian hopes the book will help make a difference in how people react to others who appear to be troubled or are unlikeable, and prevent further tragedies of this nature.

“We often wonder if the Parkland School shooting could have been prevented or if we unknowingly played a part in instigating the violence,” says Vivian. A devout Catholic, her faith and belief that love conquers all compelled her to write a story in a similar setting that ends well for everyone. Aimed at teens and young adults, she says it is a good read for anyone of any age.

The story revolves around a happy-go-lucky teenager Chris who receives a message from the spirit of his dead brother Johnny about an impending mass shooting at his school that would not only take the lives of those he knew, but the life of his sister as well. Aaron, the much-hated school bully and recluse is about to carry out a deadly attack as payback on his fellow students for snubbing him. Chris embarks on a time-sensitive mission to thwart the tragedy. While Aaron schemes to bring about destruction with a powerful gun, Chris plans on defying the evil with the most powerful and time-proven weapon of all time - God’s love. Can he convert Aaron’s heart and succeed in defeating evil in this battle fought with love?

Vivian Chas is a former journalist in her birth country Sri Lanka. A naturalized citizen, this is her first fiction novel. She is working on releasing her second soon. She currently works as a legal assistant and is a Certified Paralegal. Her website is

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