OneVuex Unified Systems – the Only Software to Integrate Microsoft and Non-Microsoft Solutions is Now Available in Microsoft Appsource and the Azure Marketplace

OneVuex Unified Systems is a SaaS that intelligently integrates multiple software applications and industry platforms (Microsoft and non-Microsoft) and on-premise and Azure Cloud services, in a single system. Bass International Software announced today that OneVuex is now available in Microsoft AppSource and the Azure Marketplace. OneVuex provides unprecedented integration capabilities, transparency and security businesses demand in today’s Digital Workplace.

Columbus, OH, March 11, 2019 --( Technology is a part of almost everything we do. It is a driving force in our communications, transportation, entertainment, healthcare delivery, shopping experiences, household appliances, business operations and logistics and more. But, with increasing technology comes crushing data volumes; a need for greater connectivity and data transparency; and advanced security measures. Both the challenge and opportunity for businesses of all sizes is to harness the force of technology to be more agile, to fuel efficiency, and, ultimately, to shape their destiny.

Bass International Software, LLC, with the support of Microsoft, has developed an ingenious new software technology, OneVuex Unified Systems. OneVuex is a SaaS solution that intelligently integrates multiple software applications, industry platforms and cloud infrastructure services (Microsoft and non-Microsoft/cloud and on-premise) in a single Cloud System, providing the computing power, transparency and security businesses demand. These systems are not linked or patched. The actual code is running, as one unified system, through the connected end points of the OneVuex Digital Fabric.

OneVuex integrates existing technology, and streamlines business processes, allowing users to access, share, collaborate, find and integrate information, no matter the application type or location, with tremendous ease, creating greater efficiencies at lower IT and business costs. All vital competitive advantages in today’s crowded markets.

Bass International Software has been working with Microsoft to finalize development and introduce OneVuex to the market. They are pleased to announce, that OneVuex is now available to businesses everywhere in Microsoft AppSource and the Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft AppSource is an app store for business applications such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI or separate Azure web apps. AppSource helps enterprise users find and gauge line-of-business (LoB) software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps from Microsoft and its partners.

According to Darrel Bass, President of Bass International Software, “OneVuex was approved by Microsoft to be included in Microsoft AppSource as an integration tool in combination with Office 365 and Azure Cloud Services. With OneVuex’s unique code integration and adaptive intelligence, now any business, Small, Mid-Size or Enterprise, can take advantage of cloud technology – accessing, managing, sharing and finding all sources of information in an easy to use system, at a much more affordable price. OneVuex is provided on a per user, subscription basis.

“Once users log-in, they will see an immediate difference, gaining access to sources of information and data without the need to run independent, separate applications or logging into separate systems. OneVuex brings what’s important to you immediately on your dashboard. Users can easily migrate their files and folders with drag and drop capabilities, and enterprises can migrate entire systems without costly migration and integration services. OneVuex provides cloud technology unlike anything available today, helping businesses transform to the Digital Workplace, which is why we believe Microsoft worked so quickly with us to make it available.”

Bass International Software is a Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Research Panel Advisor located in Westerville, Ohio. To dramatically improve your business results, drastically reduce IT spend and experience unprecedented computing power and security, go to the Microsoft AppSource or the Azure Marketplace and type in OneVuex in the search bar or visit our website at; or call us directly at 877.227.0155.
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