Micro Glass™ the Next Generation of Architectural Surfaces. See It at WolrdGlassAG.com

WorldGlass, an international architectural and decorative glass company, announces its new, exclusive product line Micro Glass™. Micro Glass is a unique decorative glass product designed for architectural surfaces and other uses. It offers advantages over natural and engineered stone including superior strength and a higher resistance to scratching. Readers are encouraged to visit www.WorldGlassAG.com to learn more.

Tampa, FL, March 27, 2008 --(PR.com)-- WorldGlass, well known for its exclusive architectural and decorative glass products, announces its most innovative line to date: Micro Glass™, the exciting new alternative to architectural stone.

Micro Glass, exclusively available at WorldGlass (http://worldglassag.com), combines the beauty of stone, the convenience of glass, and strength unmatched by traditional products. Together these benefits create an exciting new type of architectural surface. Originally designed for the rigors of space, Micro Glass is made from a unique composition of molten glass liquefied at a temperature of 1500°C, then sintered and annealed before being polished into a panel that is 99% pure. Micro Glass offers a higher compression and impact strength than engineered or natural stone. Extremely hard for its weight, Micro Glass is also highly resistant to scratching, chipping, and wearing down with time. A detailed comparison chart illustrating the advantages of Micro Glass over natural stone surfaces is available at the WorldGlass website www.WorldGlassAG.com.

Micro Glass is recommended for both interior and exterior design. Architects and designers can use it to create glass floors, walls, exterior building cladding, reception desks, wall accents and displays. Because of its density and resistance to abrasion, it can withstand heavy foot traffic and constant use. Micro Glass is even hard enough to resist scratching from cutting knives when installed as countertops in busy kitchens. Acid and alkaline resistant, Micro Glass is impervious to environmental factors such as rain, pollution, wind and snow.

Stone is a porous material that admits dirt, moisture and bacteria. Micro Glass, however, is solid. A simple water wash removes any dirt or contamination. Zero water absorption also makes Micro Glass an ideal choice for exterior design, and because it is a composite glass, rust, concrete slurry and other grey pollutants are never a factor.

“Micro Glass truly has the potential to change the world of architectural design,” said National Sales Director Steve Schiamara. “It takes the beauty and strength of stone and brings it to a new level. It is also extremely easy to install and maintain. Stone needs to be resealed annually, but with Micro Glass no sealant is required.”

Micro Glass is ecologically safe and, unlike engineered stone, releases no emissions into the air. Glass is also naturally hygienic, and when used as a countertop its nonporous surface eliminates the threat of cross contamination. It is highly appropriate for use in kitchens, bathrooms, health centers, restaurants or wherever spreading disease may be a concern.

Micro Glass is available in natural stone colors and compelling purples, blues and greens. Translucent sheets are also available. Mixed cases and custom orders are readily offered. Visit www.WorldGlassAG.com to learn more or call toll-free at (888) 852-2550.

WorldGlass is the largest single source of architectural and decorative glass offering products from manufacturers in the United States, Europe and Asia. With extensive distribution throughout North America, WorldGlass serves the commercial glass market and provides a complete selection of architectural glass to its business customers. Their product lines feature clear textured, colored and large format dichroic glass, as well as glass blocks, acid etched glass, tinted float glass, painted glass and post-temperable painted glass. Supported by unmatched customer service and glass expertise, customers can order mixed sheets, full cases, containers or place special orders.

WorldGlass is a Daniels Group Company, glass importer and distributor since 1972.

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