The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Gets an Illustrated Prequel

Valley Stream, NY, March 14, 2019 --( 120 years after the release of L. Frank Baum’s "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," the Royal Publisher of Oz is publishing a graphic novel telling the canonical tale of How the Wizard Came to Oz.

L. Frank Baum’s legendary Oz series was the first American fantasy series, spawning an expanded universe of novels, Hollywood films, Broadway plays, animated series, collectibles, and much more. But where Baum focused on Dorothy’s adventures, the Wizard’s discovery and trials in Oz remained untold until now. Written and illustrated by Oz scholar Donald Abbott, known for his popular Emerald City Press novels and illustrations, "How the Wizard Came to Oz" reveals the true story of the Wizard of Oz.

When Oscar Diggs crosses the Deadly Desert by balloon, he find himself in a strange land where wicked witches rule and magic is real. Oscar must use his wits and the help of friends like Glinda the Good to outmaneuver the dark forces unleashed by Morella and Malvonia, the Wicked Witches of the West and East, who are bent on his destruction.

A tale of action and adventure set in a fantastic realm, "How the Wizard Came to Oz" first appeared as a short story in the pages of Oziana magazine’s 1976 issue. This was followed by his novel of the same name. Now, at last, the complete story of Oscar Diggs’ earliest adventures in Oz, is revealed. Available everywhere in trade paperback, $16.99. 143 pages.

About The Royal Publisher of Oz:
Founded in 2012 by Joe Bongiorno, The Royal Publisher of Oz is a New York-based publishing company dedicated to producing Oz and fantasy books that match the look and style of the classic fantasies of old. Our Oz books are edited with an eye towards maintaining continuity with the original Oz series as delineated on The Royal Timeline of Oz.
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