Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Recognizes New Members

Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Recognizes New Members
Farmingdale, NY, April 17, 2019 --( Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to recognize their newest members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to introduce their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

James W. Winkler--Automotive
Michael L. Theisen--Construction
Sanford N. Schwartz--Dentistry
Lisa M. Brunet--Healthcare
Philicia Ciriello--Author
Frank J. Gaeta Jr.--Retail/Apparel
John E. Erickson--Software Consulting
Jotrone R. Marable--Education
Janice P. Jimenez--Real Estate
Billie R. Bitner--Healthcare
Susan Lynn Cunningham--Marketing
Scott R. Narup--Distribution and Logistics
Kathleen A. Paredi--Education
Stephen L. Doyle--Construction
Harvey J. Moses Sr.--Healthcare
Ron Gholston--Travel
Alana M. Archdekin--Beauty Education
Cindy A. Baird--Healthcare
Kiana B. Sloan-Hillier--Legal
Andriy Daychuck--Retail/Oil and Gas
Shawn Freeny--Retail/Agriculture
Wendy Lee Lakes--Healthcare
Mary Ann Costantini--Education
Troy W. Burch--Government/Corrections
John R. Witteman--Agriculture
Said A. Salah--Healthcare
Regan L. Hobbs--Medical Devices
Sonya M. Jackson--Healthcare
Arlene L. Gullo--Real Estate
Nimita K. Atiyeh--Healthcare
Antionnette D. Simon--Healthcare
Michael L. McChristian--Financial
Thomas G. Crothers, Jr.--Retail
Edward J. Greany Jr.--Oil Filtration
Sandra P. Brooks--IT
Jennifer Ostler--Filters
Rama Devineni--Healthcare
Carl A. Buhler--Consulting
Janice M. Cantelli--Healthcare
Maria E. Orozco--Anodes
Joseph R. Spransy--Aerospace
Stacy-Ann Simone Smith--Healthcare
Yvonne T. Tran--Real Estate
Tya N. Ingraham--Travel
Ginger Williams Patton--Court Stenography Service
Ashlie N. Stewart--Staffing
Sue Bright--Healthcare
Glenn Pollack--Printing
Laventrice L. Mitchell--Hospitality
William Hurst--Printing Service
David C. Kovitch--Flooring
Jacqueline T. Wallace--Oil and Gas
Julie M. Mondello--Healthcare
Mark Hilton Sandilands--Religion
Lynn Papenbrok--Real Estate
Ulysses Walter King Jr.--Notary Service
Robert Mitchell--Government/Healthcare
Paula Avette Sinclair--Healthcare
Donald F. Woodside--Medical Devices
Sharise Mims--Government
Deniece Church--Psychic
Lia DiAngelo-Allan--Retail/Florist
Marina Stavitskaya--Education/Ballet
Zanetta Y. Shell-Thomas--Government/Logistics
Patricia M. Pizzano--Healthcare
Daniel P. Walker--Legal Services
Ebony N. Harvey--Cleaning
Ruth Adkins--Automotive
Susan E. Davis--Healthcare
Jaynicia Cosby--Pharmaceuticals
Tara St. Ellen Cioffi--Healthcare
Darlene L. Blakely--Religion
Richard L. Williams--Telecommunications
Robin M. Smith--Aerospace/Security Systems
S. Dallas Dance--Consulting
Allison Faith Cherry--Government/Child Welfare
Janet F. Haley--Staffing
Jim Ashby--Real Estate
David W. Fite--Property Management/Retail
Donald G. Thielsen--Religion
Liz Z. Keitt--Education
Sharon A. Pierson--Accounting
John E. Dunbar--Retail/Mattresses
Natasha M. Nicholas--Healthcare
Sandra D. Smallwood--Religion
Walter L. Marques--Business Development Services
Scott E. Mitnick--Healthcare/Drug Testing Kits
Calandra M. Williams--Automotive
Ron McClintock--Retail/Office Equipment
Charles E. Bartlett--Engineering/Surveying
Theresa D. Wagner--Healthcare
Gretchen M. Johnson--Nonprofit
Mark A. Leland--Entertainment
Denise E. Roesch--Healthcare
Conceicao C. Mesquita--Healthcare
Victoria L. Burts--Hospitality
L. Elaine Hadden--Real Estate
Zachery J.S. Roberson--Education
Carrie M. Carter--Consulting
Vivek Kannan--Healthcare
Angel K. Emery--Government/Healthcare
Ilanka F. Samarasekera--Beauty
Tyra A. Sphar--Healthcare
Leslie S. Reyes--Education
Ashley A. Swindle--Pharmacy
Glenda F. Boone--Marketing
Quilla J. Cook--Healthcare
Betty M. Ballard--
Brendan Frawley--Insurance
Chester L. Surant--Real Estate
Daniel E. Smith--Oil and Gas
Adrian K. Appelman--Retail
Karen V. Granoff--Healthcare
Michael Laib--Construction/Carpentry
Steven L. Harris--Automotive
Naser N. Abozalam--Automotive Rental
Michael Askin--Courier Delivery/Logistics
Angelia L. Zertuche--Aerospace
Theresa C. Bollard--Education
Hector Passini--Financial
Barb D. Guillemette--Sports/Swimming
Brandon M. Keith--Delivery Service
Angela M. Caubarrus--Healthcare
Elizabeth A. Cruz--Real Estate
Annie C. Mullins--Financial
Asmahan Susan Kruah--Aviation
Carla Jean Hastings--Healthcare
Angelique T. Sanders--Education
Brooke Caldwell--Beauty
Chris F. Zamaites--Engineering Consulting
Aaron Daniel Garza--Education
Aundrai Edmondson--Security
Mary Ann Gabor--Real Estate
Matthew D. Berghorn--Aerospace/Defense
Bethel Henderson--Healthcare
Beshara A. Rizzo--Government
Barb Stanze--Real Estate
Suzanne R. Patton--Government
LaSaundra Scott--Business Services
Beth Witt--Real Estate
Mark B. Harris--Human Services
LeNaia I. Salis--Food
Andre van Zijl--Education
Scott M. Devos--Construction
Anitra Adams--Government/Healthcare
Sandra C. Connors--Beauty
Heather L. Ogletree--Oil and Gas
Mary A. Amorajabi--Healthcare
Jean-Claude L. Veille--Healthcare
Adam E. Winkler--Broadcast Media
Ashley R. Walker--Healthcare
Jolene Morel--Education
Allexea T. Blackwell--Government/Housing
Ruby S. Steward--Real Estate
Glynthy A. Kottmann--Marketing
Andrew L. Wetjen--Automotive Products
Twila M. Belgarde--Insurance
Aidana WillowRaven--Art
Thelma M. Normand--Healthcare
Wayne A. Russell--Healthcare Apparel
Sandie Kirkman--Education
Melanie M. Branche--Dentistry
Bernadette BeNita Moore--Consulting
Alicia J. Gailliot--Dentistry
Jason B. Sherman--Construction
Karen A. Thompson--Beauty
John W. Thomas--Healthcare
Dr. Barbara A. Hardy-Gibson--Education
Thomas V. Sutterfield--Government
Amy A. McVeigh--Design
Brian C. Gillum--Mental Healthcare

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