RX2Live Unveils Behavior Health Screenings

Bemidji, MN, March 26, 2019 --(PR.com)-- RX2Live, a health and wellness company serving medical professionals and employers, recently debuted its In-Office Screening for patients, an automated, customizable and turnkey solution for physicians and other health care providers to screen their patients for various health conditions.

“This billable solution allows physicians to provide improved patient care through easy-to-use technology,” says Brian Hazelgren, Chief Development Officer for RX2Live. “It’s an innovative way to understand and treat patients’ health beyond the reason for their visit - and add significant daily revenue to a medical practice.”

Each survey takes about 5-7 minutes, and physicians can choose from 22 different surveys, including general anxiety, postnatal depression, substance abuse, PTSD and ADHD. (Additional surveys, including cancer screening, are in development.) Surveys are provided in an electronic format via tablet, and physicians determine which surveys each patient receives. Patients are automatically logged out when each survey is submitted, so patient privacy is ensured, and survey results are provided for physician review in a secure portal. Custom survey panels, such as a Cognitive Assessment, are an easy way to save the physician time when multiple surveys are requested. The system can also check in the patients when they arrive.

“Through commercial and government health insurance, the physician receives an average minimum of $24.50 per survey without charging the patient a copayment or coinsurance,” states Hazelgren. “This offers the medical practice the opportunity to double or triple their income with existing patients. RX2Live provides the tablets, software, billing, training and support for the Patient Screenings, which means physicians do not need to hire extra staff to their practice. Patient files are uploaded from the EMR to the screening software, so implementation is seamless. Staff members are trained via a 30-minute webinar in their own office, so no traveling is required. The Revenue to the practices on the program range from $2,100 on the low end, to over $18,000 per month.”

The RX2Live In-Office Screening Program is offered at a 50% introductory rate of $450 for enrollment, which includes one tablet, and $175 per additional tablet. Additional tablets can be calculated at the rate of one tablet per 20 patients per day.

For more information and to enroll in the RX2Live In-Office Patient Screening Program, call 801-443-7777.

RX2Live provides health and wellness programs that improve overall health and lower healthcare costs. These programs are offered through employers, physicians, chiropractors and senior living facilities to their employees, patients, and residents. Our programs focus on chronic care management, weight loss, thermal imaging, beauty and skin care, in-office screenings and diagnostic lab services. RX2Live is a turnkey franchise opportunity available throughout the United States. For more information, visit http://www.rx2live.com, or contact us by email at info@rx2live.com or by phone at 612-504-9430.
Jeff Zimmerman