Poet Adrienne Ijioma Releases New Spoken Word Collection of Love Poems for Couples in Second Relationships

A Café Rendezvous is a whimsical, 66-page, romantic collection of spoken word love poems with an urban flair by African-American poet, creative writer and author, Adrienne Ijioma.

Cary, NC, March 28, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Creative writer, Adrienne Ijioma, publishes an unconventional collection of poetry that manages to be whimsical, at times traditional, yet filled with all the spoken word and slang of a modern, urban romance.

Falling in love is about butterflies and passion, becoming emotionally invested in how one person connects with another. A Café Rendezvous takes readers on that sometimes quirky & uncertain journey from first interest through romantic end.

This book is a clear departure from the serious subject matter of her debut spoken word collection, Cuts on Me, which poetically chronicled the emotional after effects of sexual harassment, date rape, loss through death, gender inequality, self-esteem issues and her take on the mental & spiritual repair necessary to move forward.

Slanted on mostly the female perspective, Ms. Ijioma notes of the love poems, “In a real relationship, you’re second-guessing everything, hoping the other person feels the same as you do. There’s a bit of push and pull, but it all ends for the best.”

Fall in love with this poetic tale about falling in love. Available today in paperback and eBook on Amazon.com.

Adrienne Ijioma writes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, under her name and the pseudonym, Jess Vaughn, and attempts to blog regularly through her website. She is developing the Jess Vaughn Writes podcast and is systematically moving down her list of 23 manuscripts with goals of completing publication in this decade.
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