First Edition of eProseed World: Striving for Excellence

More than 160 eProseed employees have made the trip from across Europe, the Middle East and beyond the Atlantic to attend the first edition of eProseed World, a two-day event held in Luxembourg on February 8 and 9, aimed at promoting exchanges and triggering debates between all the active forces of the company, featuring keynotes, breakout sessions, live demos and, just as importantly, team building games and true moments of fun and conviviality.

Windhof, Luxembourg, March 28, 2019 --( In his welcome address to the participants, Geoffroy de Lamalle, Founder and CEO of eProseed, recalled some of the key achievements reached by the company. "eProseed currently has nearly 200 employees from 26 nationalities," he said. "We have offices in 13 countries around the world, delivering services across 7 industries. Our sales amounted to $28 million in 2018 and, since the inception of eProseed, we are expanding at an annualized growth rate of 37%. And last but not least, together we cumulate 1,237 years of Oracle experience!"

"We can be proud of what we have achieved so far," he said. "But this would not have been possible without being a team, despite our multiple operating geographies, cultures, languages, environments and even working methods," he added.

The Oracle excellence, delivered
People at eProseed know exactly where they are going. Their aim is to become the leading global experts in Oracle technologies and products, and for this they have to achieve the Oracle excellence, which just happens to be one of the company's competitive differentiators.

As businesses and organizations continue investing heavily in their digital transformation, the market in which eProseed operates is constantly growing. Many enterprises are replacing their monolithic core systems and deploying new technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and PaaS.

"Even if the pace of economic activities varies between regions, Oracle is a global player and, unlike our competitors who are often fragmented per technology, application or industry and are mostly national or regional players, we have a very clear focus on Oracle technologies and we have the will and the ability to deliver our services internationally," explained Geoffroy de Lamalle.

Building on strong values
"Our vision of the future is clear," he said. "We want to experience, five years from now, the same growth rate as today. According to our plans, by 2023 eProseed should employ 550 people across 25 locations including countries in Africa and Asia-Pacific and generate revenue of around $110M, mainly from the provision of consulting services, partly from technology products and our own business software products marketed through the eProseedRTC brand."

Among eProseed's critical success factors, the most important one is undoubtedly customer centricity. "Then come our values, our constant concern for quality, our taste for innovation and the pleasure of creating, wish distinguishes us from the other players on the market," reaffirmed Geoffroy de Lamalle. "We also want to keep our high value positioning, which means that we must and will continue to work on complex projects. This is challenging, but this is very rewarding," he underlined. In addition, eProseed is a real glocal player with a strong local presence in several regions of the world, leveraging this approach not only to deliver services internationally but also to open new markets. And for those success factors to be sustainable, they must be conveyed by each and every eProseedian.

Geoffroy de Lamalle also announced that 2019 will be the year of enhanced, auditable, governance for eProseed, notably through the introduction of a professional executive committee, with the purpose of making the company more resilient. Finally he announced the move of some eProseed entities to new promises and the opening of new offices in Sweden and Turkey.

A new target operating model
Stéphanie Noël, Chief Operating Officer, then took the stage to introduce eProseed's new target operating model. After having set out her maturity analysis of the company's operations, she told the audience that eProseed needed to apply new ways of managing both talents and service delivery. "We must implement a new target operating model because our company is growing at a very fast pace," she explained. "Dealing with more clients, bigger projects, more people and new locations leads to higher workloads, increased complexity, managing more talents and organizing better exchanges," she added.

The new target operating model will be organized in a geographically-based talent organization and a delivery-lead structure, with the objectives of reinforcing talent management and increasing delivery responsibility. In practice, team members will have the opportunity to temporarily take responsibility for roles different from their primary function, for small as well as large projects and for various customers and services.

Drawing all the added value from technologies
"My main missions as CTO involve pre and post-sales activities, the management of our partnership with Oracle, internal and external evangelization, and the recruitment of specialists," explained Fabien Henriet, eProseed's Chief Technology Officer. To put this in context, he pointed out that last year, eProseed had issued 135 proposals worldwide," which is about one proposal every two or three days. eProseed holds 11 Oracle ACE Directors, ACE and ACE associates, 7 Oracle Certified Masters, has earned 19 awards since its inception and held more than 20 sessions per year at Oracle events on average.
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Henri Agbodjan