RingOver Simplifies Contact Management for Zoho CRM Users

RingOver takes advantage of Zoho’s PhoneBridge integration to enhance team productivity, flexibility and mobility.

London, United Kingdom, March 29, 2019 --(PR.com)-- RingOver, the 100% cloud-based business phone system which offers its users free unlimited calls to the UK and up to 65 locations and seamless CRM integrations, has partnered with Zoho CRM using its PhoneBridge integration to enhance contact management and efficiency for Zoho CRM users.

Dubbed the tool that makes teams love using the phone again, RingOver is designed with the needs of small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) in mind, making it easier to deliver excellent customer service while receiving or making phone calls. Customer support and sales teams benefit from a host of automated features including click-to-call, instant file retrieval for callers saved as contacts, auto-synced call logs, notes and assignments, voicemails and call recordings - directly within Zoho CRM.

Enabled by Zoho’s PhoneBridge connection, a platform which allows telecom solutions to access Zoho business applications, the RingOver + Zoho CRM integration simplifies recurring lead and contact management tasks, allowing teams more time so they can close deals faster.

Zoho CRM is a leading single cloud contact relationship management (CRM) platform that helps marketing, sales and support teams grow their businesses. Zoho works hand-in-hand with top-notch technology providers like RingOver who offer complementary Zoho solutions and demonstrate an established track record in their product or service categories with existing customers.

"The integration of Zoho CRM and RingOver helps us realize our goal of providing our customers with context on their prospects and customers at the point of interaction," says Vinay C., Head of Strategic Alliances at Zoho. "When combined with innovative business phone system such as RingOver, Zoho CRM delivers contextual information that helps salespeople sell smarter by having more meaningful and effective customer interaction."

“Partnering with Zoho CRM is an exciting opportunity for us. RingOver is designed for flexibility and productivity, so it was only fitting that we tap into Zoho CRM’s results-driven solution,” said Renaud Charvet, co-founder and CEO, RingOver Group. “RingOver for Zoho CRM is just one of the many ways we are helping our customers empower their customer service and sales teams to engage their clients more effectively and increase their work efficiency and overall profitability.”

Available via RingOver’s website and Zoho CRM’s online marketplace, RingOver for Zoho CRM enables teams in the UK and worldwide to collaborate more efficiently and generate more revenue. To learn more about RingOver for Zoho CRM visit: https://www.ringover.com/en/zoho-integration
Ginelle Bell