Peter Opheim Solo Exhibition is Now Showing at the Powen Gallery

Taipei City, Taiwan, April 01, 2019 --( Powen Gallery is currently holding a New York-based artist Peter Opheim (b.1961-) Solo exhibition, which will be until April 7th.

Small creatures gain a new life through the artist's imagination, but they can't be excused from being separated from the release of new works. In the eyes of Opheim, he saw these “figures” portrayed as companions on the road, like encountered in a city, and then separated at the next stop.

One of his paintings at this exhibition is called "HER," which is a 160 × 152.4 cm. large-scale oil painting.

Peter Opheim says he uses "abstract strokes to accentuate the figurative features."

In most of Opheim’s paintings, he creates an image with the various completed contents highlighting his perspective of the specific issue. The character on "HER" almost occupies the whole canvas, which appears to be three times larger than the actual size.

The character, therefore, looks energetic and passionate. The artist tries to stack the decorations on the head, presenting an exquisite female character.

Perhaps, some women might think they are being suppressed, but their inner beauties have never left.
Powen Gallery
Leslie Yang