Frontdesk Poised for Growth Amid News of 2020 Democratic National Convention

Milwaukee, WI, March 29, 2019 --( Frontdesk, LLC (Frontdesk), a Milwaukee-based company, is thrilled regarding the news and the opportunity of the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) placement in Milwaukee. Frontdesk offers an alternative lodging solution to those corporate guests who are unable to stay in the many completely-occupied nearby hotels.

“The DNC coming to Milwaukee sheds a much-deserved spotlight on this great city,” said Frontdesk Chief Growth Officer Jesse DePinto. “I am absolutely thrilled about this opportunity, both as a proud Milwaukeean and as a business owner of Frontdesk.”

Frontdesk offers securely-managed suites to corporate travelers with stays under thirty days, where there is currently a gap in the traditional corporate housing market. Today, the company has dozens of suites in Milwaukee to meet the needs of the DNC. With over 50,000 visitors coming to the area, Frontdesk and many other local businesses will surely benefit from the influx.

In addition to Milwaukee, Frontdesk also has suites in Charlotte, Dallas, Indianapolis, San Antonio, and Tampa. The Republican National Convention (RNC) will be held in Charlotte in 2020, making for a pivotal year for Frontdesk.

About Frontdesk
Founded in 2017, Frontdesk, LLC (Frontdesk) develops and manages short-term rental suites for both business and leisure guests who are looking for a hotel alternative that feels more like home. With over 165 suites around the country, 15,000 guest stays to date, and an average satisfaction rating of 4.86 out of 5.0, Frontdesk is poised for growth.
Jesse DePinto