Valiant Champions Quality and Service for Customers

Valiant Artificial Lift Solutions ensures quality for operators in the US and abroad with company-wide ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Midland, TX, April 03, 2019 --( Valiant’s Permian Manufacturing and Service Center acquires ISO 9001:2015 certification, marking the successful completion of Valiant’s company wide certification across all current global facilities.

“Thanks to the hard work and collaboration of our teams in Midland, this addition to Valiant’s list of ISO-certified locations is a significant milestone in our mission to continuously uphold and enhance quality for our customers and global partners,” said Gareth C. Ford, President, Founder, and CEO.

Valiant’s Latin American Manufacturing Center became ISO:9001 certified in 2017, followed by the company’s Mid-Con facilities and Oklahoma City offices in 2018. “Given our experience and familiarity with this process, our Midland team was well-prepared for the audit, and we were out of the gate before the ISO certification process began,” said Frank Claborn, Vice President of Western North American Operations.

In most cases, a company has to create quality management systems from scratch, but with the knowledge of industry-leading personnel at the helm, Valiant already had the blueprints of a well-defined quality standard built into the organization.

“With a good system, robust policies, and standardized procedures already in place, a large part of this evaluation was a confirmation of what we knew,” said Claborn.

To ensure continuous implementation and improvement of the processes established in a company’s quality management system, ISO audits are conducted on an annual basis. In the first and second year after becoming certified, companies undergo a surveillance audit, and in the third year, a complete recertification audit takes place – failure to remain compliant with the standards over this time can result in losing certification.

“Rather than implement a drill once a year to fulfill the audit requirements, we believe our people should always be prepared, and we demonstrate that by making quality checks a core part of our daily culture,” commented Larry Holdge, Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

At the heart of Valiant’s culture are the core pillars of safety, quality, and service, and the company is committed to continually improving processes that uphold these values throughout the organization.

According to Ford, “The experience we have gained through this endeavor has given us the skill set to remain steadfast on our growth trajectory while sustaining innovation and remaining adaptive to our customers’ expectations.”

For operators, this accomplishment demonstrates that Valiant is internationally qualified to support their business with dependable processes and products. Valiant is a new name to some, but this certification is more than a piece of paper. It proves that Valiant is not only a credible company but is committed to meeting and exceeding operators’ service needs while championing industry standards of safety, quality, and service.
Valiant Artificial Lift Solutions
Mari Rada