WoMaster’s L2 Managed PoE and Ethernet Switches Now Support Modbus TCP

New Taipei, Taiwan, April 11, 2019 --(PR.com)-- WoMaster upgraded its line of 10-port L2 managed Ethernet and PoE switches (DS310 and DP310) with support of Modbus TCP protocol to provide users with much wider choice of devices and systems that can be utilized to meet specific applications.

Modbus provides a common language for devices and equipment to communicate with one another by Request/Reply, Master/Slave, Client/Server architecture.

On simple interfaces like RS485 or RS232, the Modbus messages are sent in plain form over the network, and the network will be dedicated to Modbus communication only. However, if your network requires multiple heterogeneous devices using a more versatile network system like TCP/IP over Ethernet, the Modbus messages are embedded in Ethernet packets with a format prescribed for this physical interface. So, in this case, Modbus and other types of mixed protocols can co-exist at the same physical interface at the same time. Simply put, Modbus TCP (also Modbus TCP/IP) is the Modbus RTU protocol with a TCP interface that runs on Ethernet. Thanks to the support of one of the most common automation communication protocol Modbus TCP, DS310 and DP310 switches can efficiently connect and communicate data/commands between industrial electronic devices from different vendors by sending queries between Client and Server. For example, DS/DP310 can send Request query from a supervisory computer or PLC to a specific Server or to all of the connected devices (in case of broadcast message), collect information from devices measuring temperature/humidity/pressure, and further communicate the results back to PLC.

On the management side, DP310/DS310 switches are provided with NetMaster NMS, ViewMaster configuration utility, and ThingsMaster/ThingsMaster OTA for remote management on Cloud. With support of MQTT protocol, DP310/DS310 can be also managed on public Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure Cloud.

In compliance with IEC62443-4-2 Level 3/4 Cyber Security standard, DS310/DP310 now support RADIUS/TACACS+ centralized password authentication, and multi-level user passwords.

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Tatiana Khunkhenova