Trailer for New Vermin Supreme Doc "This is Vermin Supreme" Dropped on April Fools Day by Rod Webber Productions and NOProductions

Boston, MA, April 09, 2019 --( Perennial presidential candidate and performance artist Vermin Supreme runs for President of the United States during the 2016 election in the new frenetic trailer for Rod Webber’s "This is Vermin Supreme." Rod Webber (The War of North Dakota; Flowers for Peace) plays both participant and spectator to the political divide in America.

"This is Vermin Supreme," the new film by director and producer Rod Webber along with NOProductions, showcases the irreverent 2020 Libertarian Party Candidate’s antics as he successfully fails to win the 2016 presidential contest.

Filmed over the course of the 2016 campaign, Rod and Vermin run up against every major contender vying for America’s highest office, taking them from the tumultuous protests at the RNC all the way to the turbulent dissent during Donald Trump’s inauguration.

As described by Chris Faraone from Boston Dig, “This is Vermin Supreme shows politics through (the) lens of a kaleidoscopic clown car.”

The high-energy trailer, which launched on the most appropriate holiday for the occasion - April Fools Day - is brimming with high political tension and ferocious humor wrapped in a rough-around-the-edges punk rock aesthetic.

You can check out the trailer for Rod Webber’s "This is Vermin Supreme" at

Warning: This trailer is not safe for work.
NOProductions, LLC
Nathan Oliver