National Flex Football
National Flex Football

Flex Football™: Unique, Competitive Youth Football Option Created by Former NFL Players

Flex Football™ is the 9v9 youth football game format, created by former NFL players and inspired by the NFL's offseason philosophy of high-speed, low-impact game play.

Dallas, TX, April 04, 2019 --( Flex Football™, the NFL-inspired youth football game format, is growing exponentially across the country with athletes playing Flex in 35 states, and dozens of football organizations converting to Flex Football™ program offerings daily.

The 9V9 game style was created by NFL players and industry experts that share America’s love for football. The collective knowledge and perspective resulted in a unique solution for today's game and the future of the sport.

Flex Football™ utilizes the NFL’s practice philosophy of high-tempo, low-impact play, forcing players to focus on football fundamentals, proper technique and developing a deeper understanding of the game. Unlike flag football, Flex Football™’s 9V9 format provides a competitive, game-like feel that allows blocking and players are down by touch. No head or shoulder contact, and no tackling is permitted.

Flex Football™ provides athletes with a safer way to develop as a football player, a smarter way to experience the game, and a brand new entry point to the sport for all first-timers.

Elite, competitive football is no longer reserved for the Fall. Flex Football™ has four major seasons and provides superior player development throughout the entire year. Winter, Spring and Summer Flex programs (K - 8th grade) encourage athletes of all skill levels to play and grow their game. Athletes get full-speed game experience without the impact, keeping them fresh, injury-free and ready for Fall. The Fall Flex program is meant to bring new players to the sport at the younger age levels (K - 3rd grade), and start to develop the football foundations of our young athletes.

Flex Football™ Game Play & Unique Rules:

Offense: 1 QB, 3 OL, 5 Eligible Skill players
Defense: 2 DL, 3 LBs, 4 DBs
Traditional Point Scoring and 1st downs
No tackling or flag pulling
2-hand touch to ‘down’ a ball carrier
Blocking Allowed
Blitzing Allowed
No Bull-rushing
Required soft-shell equipment

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National Flex Football
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