SOUNDAC Enters Into Strategic Partnership with BitSpace

BitSpace, the Norwegian crypto startup that’s pushing crypto mass adoption in the Nordic region, has announced a strategic partnership with SOUNDAC.

Houston, TX, April 17, 2019 --( SOUNDAC, a public blockchain infrastructure for the music business, is happy to announce its strategic partnership with BitSpace, a Norwegian award-winning technology company, that specializes in blockchain services and is at the forefront of Scandinavian blockchain industry and is pushing for mass cryptocurrency adoption in the region by developing a platform that allows users to buy cryptocurrency instantly without knowing your customer by making use of BankID, a citizen identification solution that allows companies, banks and government agencies to authenticate and conclude agreements with individuals over the Internet.

SOUNDAC is a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) that focuses on solving issues that are exclusive to the music business using the blockchain technology. At a time when artists are questioning the opaqueness of the music streaming industry, SOUNDAC is gaining traction due to its transparent nature where the artists are paid their royalty payments in a mere 24 hours. Being decentralized, SOUNDAC has no single owner and the XSD token holders collectively become the owners of the autonomous organization, allowing the early bird artists to reserve their ownership of the futuristic system before SOUNDAC gains mass adoption.

Society is changing and people’s attention spans are rapidly dwindling. With information no longer being a scarcity, we’re at the dawn of the attention economy ,an economy where information competes for human attention. BitSpace’s forward thinking team is ahead of the game in their understanding of such abstract, yet powerfully disruptive concepts.

“The Music industry has been ripe for disruption for decades, with services like Spotify offering only partial solutions to the industry challenges. Powered by blockchain technology, SOUNDAC is positioned to completely change the way artists are compensated for creativity, as well as the way that fans interact with artists.”
- Manuel Lains – CEO, BitSpace

“Scandinavia has been on the forefront of the music industry disruption for a few years now. Meanwhile, hailing from Norway is BitSpace, which has positioned itself as, not only a leader in blockchain, but as specialists in all things DPoS. Nowhere else can you find a group of people that ‘get it’ as fast as their team. We welcome their participation into the SOUNDAC ecosystem with open arms.”
- Cedric Cobban – Co Founder, SOUNDAC

With BitSpace pushing for cryptocurrency mass adoption in the Nordic region, SOUNDAC is confident that this partnership will help XSD get more exposure in the ever growing cryptocurrency market in Europe and in the worldwide attention economy.

SOUNDAC is the open, shared protocol layer for all participants of the music industry. Whether they be creators, performers, composers, listeners, record labels or publishers. It is a new supply chain for all new businesses to build on top of and established players to integrate with in order to gain considerable efficiencies.

Bitspace is a Norwegian technology company specialising in enterprise consulting and application development within emerging technologies such as DLT, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Finance.
Patrick Larochelle