USuggest It Partners with Bibo Barmaid to Launch a New Campaign Creating an Emotional Connection with the Brand

Harrington Park, NJ, April 09, 2019 --( Brands often ask the question What is the best way to connect on an emotional level with my customer? USuggest It asks, is empathy part of your Marketing plan? Digital Marketing should not be the sound of one hand clapping. Giving consumers a place to connect and interact with the Brand changes the Brand/Customer dynamic. Put the Customer at the center of attention and let them tell you what they want.

USuggest It and Bibo Barmaid have partnered to create an experience for their Customers to connect and exchange ideas and information with the Brand. The exchange gives Bibo Barmaid a critical window into the needs of the Customer and to create products and services to meet their evolving desires. Customers can share their ideas in social medial creating and fueling Brand Awareness while developing an emotional connection to the Brand.

"Connecting with Customers and giving them a place to share their desires in an impartial third party environment creates an emotive response," says Debra Walker, Bibo Barmaid Founder and President.

"It is important for Customers to have a voice in product development and bringing them into the process allows our Customers to create products that meet their customers needs," says Louis Corso, Founder and President of USuggest It. "Our job is to bring Consumers and Brands together to allow a free flow or exchange of information unencumbered offering rewards and incentives for both. We are very excited to launch this new way of creating an emotional connection between Consumers and Brands. We believe that aligning with Customer’s needs starts with listening."

USuggest It is a free to use service for Consumers to reach out to Brands while Brands can use the Platform as a messaging service to communicate with Customers. The Platform optimizes the way Brands connect with Consumers allowing them to scale as needed. Based in New Jersey, USuggest It works with Brands and Consumers to create dynamic communities helping Brands create advocates from strangers or casual Customers.

USuggest It is a Platform as a Service offering Brands multiple ways to create hosted and branded experiences that as a service is provided outside of the Brands domain. The solution can also be deployed as a tool to gather information right from any of the Brands own digital experiences. The information shared and offered directly from Consumers is now the Brands to use as they wish. Any person including the Brand can share the message directly from the platform to Facebook to gain acceptance and momentum for ideas and suggestions. This gives the Brand a powerful tool to leverage social media to create influencers out of people that are everyday Customers and a library of information they can use later. Brands can in turn offer their customers incentives for sharing their comments.

The experience created with Bibo Barmaid will run from April 1 to April 29, 2019.
USuggest It, Inc.
Louis Corso