Introducing the Read & Understood Training Genius App for Confluence: the First Ever App for Confluence from Life Sciences Quality Assurance Experts Radbee

The Training Genius App features automated, hands-free trainings assignment, empowering QA managers in the medtech, biotech and pharmaceuticals industries to be more productive and compliant.

London, United Kingdom, April 06, 2019 --( Life Sciences companies extensively use Read & Understood training to simplify compliance, yet the process is complicated by the burden of administration on Quality Assurance (QA) managers. Inspired by their work developing custom, automated, compliant training solutions for enterprises, Radbee has now made it possible for all life sciences companies to access a robust turnkey solution with their new Read & Understood Training Genius app for Confluence.

The app helps break through bureaucratic logjams with its intuitive automated process, easy-to-use dashboard and real-time, accurate training reports. QA managers are thereby empowered with greater control - they simply set the training matrix rules and the Training Genius takes it from there.

“At the organization where we had our light bulb moment for the app, we observed that QA managers routinely spent upwards of an hour to onboard employees, just to locate and manually assign necessary training pages,” says Radbee CEO, Rina Nir. “And that same hour needed to be spent anytime anyone changed roles, exited the company, returned from maternity leave and so on. We knew there had to be a better way to not only support the managers, but also make it easy for auditors to confirm compliance.”

Additionally, the app provides significant management support as well. All data can be exported to Excel and used as a powerful management tool to track KPIs, including how quickly people train and which departments are more responsive than others.

Team members enjoy a personalized view of their training obligations, with automatic nudges via email from the system to complete anything outstanding.

“Our objective is always to help make compliance easier and organisations achieve more,” adds Nir. “The Read & Understood Training Genius app supports a path to better healthcare for all - a worthy goal Radbee is happy to assist life sciences companies attain.”

For more information, please visit the Radbee Read & Understand Training Genius app for Confluence on the Atlassian Marketplace:

About Radbee:
Radbee is an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner dedicated to make quality management processes easier and more accessible for life sciences companies. Radbee’s leadership, headed by CEO Rina Nir and her team, knows how much time, effort and resources are spent on compliance vs. what truly matters: releasing quality products that support better healthcare for all. Radbee is on a mission to help QA managers in medtech, biotech and pharma make a difference, get more done and improve compliance.
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