Studio 411 Offers a New Solution to the Modern Musician

El Paso, TX, April 09, 2019 --( A new service based in El Paso now allows musicians, producers, songwriters, voice-over artists, and podcasters to streamline their workflow. Studio 411 is a contemporary recording / podcast studio in Downtown El Paso offering online mixing and mastering services to the world.

As recording software and hardware has become more affordable, creatives are recording more and more in their home studio or office. Studio 411’s innovative online platform bridges the gap between the creator and professional service provider. Studio 411’s online mixing and mastering allows them to work with professional audio engineers at an affordable price.

"This is a solution for many creatives like musicians who record at home but do not have the mixing and mastering expertise," says Chris Baylon.

"This provides the best quality audio for their projects," says Jaime Aranda.

As an introductory offer, customers are able to send in their audio files to be mixed and mastered for free. They will then receive a sample of the work and if they like what they hear, they can pay for the full service.

Many home studio musicians, podcasters, voice-over artists and YouTubers prefer their audio to be mixed and mastered by a professional. This allows them to focus on creating and not worry about poor audio quality in their projects.
Studio 411
Chris Baylon or Jaime Aranda
(915) 308-4572