Mhde Askar Explores the Five Essential Places to Eat in Chicago

Chicago, IL, April 13, 2019 --( Travel blogger Mhde Askar has just released his "Top Five" list of insider eats. He explores all the Windy City has to delight the taste buds.

“I really enjoyed putting this list together for my readers. There’s truly something for everyone … from budget bites to fine dining, Chicago has several signature dishes that you just can't leave without trying,” says Askar. “For those that are in town or planning a trip to Chicago and would like to try one or more of the restaurants on my list, they can visit my blog at”

Readers can get a taste of Chicago before visiting and plan an itinerary that really encompasses what make’s Chicago’s food scene unique. Askar’s list includes budget friendly options like Portillo’s. Askar shares on his blog:
“If your wallet is feeling light, don't despair. Chicago has raised street eats to a delicacy with two flavorful additions unique to the Second City. You can sample great examples of both at River North cafeteria joint Portillo's. First, there is the Chicago Dog. Not just any hot dog will do. It has to be all-beef and feature a very specific set of toppings - chopped onion, pickle spear, electric green relish, sliced tomato, pickled sport peppers, yellow mustard, and a sprinkle of celery salt. No substitutions, no omissions. Then there is the Italian Beef - savory slices of steak piled on a huge crusty roll, topped with sweet and spicy peppers and dipped in 'gravy' (a.k.a. beef au jus). For extra credit, order a chocolate cake shake like the locals do.”

However, for those that are looking for something a bit more decadent, Askar gives readers an inside look at Maple and Ash, a foodie favorite.

“Chicago was famous for its bootlegging industry during Prohibition. Maple and Ash, located in the Gold Coast neighborhood, is where you go to eat like a gangster. If you have money to burn, the over-the-top decor will transport you to a time of conspicuous consumption. Al Capone would feel right at home. Steakhouses are huge in Chi-town, and Maple and Ash serves up sumptuous slabs of beef in that tradition. The $155 tasting menu features an exquisitely candid title that is pure Chicago.”

Whether your trip is short or long, business or leisure, Chicago has some wonderful treats for your taste buds.
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