New Crypto-Currency and First-Ever Payment-and-Trading eWallet

New York, NY, April 11, 2019 --( The app company Octave-UCME launched last week a new crypto-currency held in the first-ever eWallet which combines payment and trading functions. Called "Bartcoins," they are blockchain-based tokens which allow users to shop, share payments and make free money transfers securely.

Bartcoins can also be traded for other crypto-currencies, and used to buy assets and commodities. All transactions are stored safely in the Bartwallet.

Bartcoins are also offered as loyalty points when users make purchases through the app.

The Youseeme and Bartwallet apps consist of an eWallet and loyalty programme. They connect crypto-communities with typical cash and card users.

The Youseeme Marketplace
Youseeme is a mobile app and tokenised marketplace platform in the Reciprocal Trade Industry and sharing economy. It provides reach to a vast new market and distribution channels for products, services, excess capacity, media and accommodation.

The Youseeme Exchange enables businesses and entrepreneurs to pay and receive in Bartcoins, to increase sales to customers locally and globally.

The Bartcoin
The Bartcoin economy is built on a community of buyers and sellers. It provides both with a stable and quick way to carry out day-to-day low-fee transactions. The Bartcoin economy also provides access to the digital currency markets through selected investments on the blockchain network. It aims to be a user-friendly surplus economy which provides security and added value.

The Octave-UCME solutions are compliant with the DSP2 European regulation, and the United States Electronic Money Services. They are optimally secured by powerful blockchain network monitoring tools and software to manage KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), CFT (Counter Financing of Terrorism), PEP (Politically Exposed People), and dark-web protection.

About Octave-UCME
Octove-UCME is a remote payment and mobile marketplace app company launched in 2018, with headquarters in Paris, France.

Octave-UCME’s payment platform is designed for small-to-medium businesses, which don’t possess the funds or now-how to build their own platform.

It owns and operates two complementary apps, Youseeme and Bartwallet, and will begin to expand globally in July 2019.

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