Ken Robinson Photography Wins Fifth Consecutive Spectrum Award for Customer Satisfaction

Tennessee-based photographer earns consecutive Spectrum Awards for outstanding customer satisfaction.

Murfreesboro, TN, April 12, 2019 --( Premier Tennessee photographer Ken Robinson recently brought home his fifth Spectrum Award for Customer Satisfaction. With a passion for capturing creative and beautiful photographs and a portfolio that has been featured on billboards, websites and in National Geographic, Robinson goes above and beyond to provide customers with an experience that is out of this world.

Winners of the Spectrum Award are based on City Beat News’ independent research system, which identifies businesses and professionals with a track record of top-flight customer service. Those that earn a 4-star or 5-star rating receive the Spectrum Award.

While studying art history with an emphasis on architecture, Ken Robinson took a few photography courses scattered through the curriculum. Eventually, he took his camera and a passion for the work and began a career in photography.

“I was interested in learning and seemed to have a knack for it, so I bought a camera and went back home to North Uruguay where my parents lived at the time,” says Robinson. “I took some pictures of people and that’s how I got started in photojournalism.”

Since then, his career has taken off, including high-quality executive portraiture, wedding photography, commercial photography, real estate and architectural photography, and aerial work. “Right now, I’m covering speakers of notoriety at different universities in the South,” says Robinson. Among the subjects are Art Laffer, former economic adviser to Ronald Reagan; Ben Shapiro and Michael Knowles from the Daily Wire; Steven Forbes of Forbes magazine; and Dinesh D’Souza, writer, scholar and filmmaker.

In between those assignments, he shoots both residential, commercial and industrial real estate listings for a company in the Southeast called Showcase. “Dan and Sandy Raper are the geniuses behind the concept,” says Robinson. “Images are recorded by a special method. Then they are processed and uploaded to the editors who complete a second and very rigorous editing task. Then those images are ready for the client as fast as 24 hours for the MLS. This company gave me that opportunity five years ago. I have grown with new accounts, learned a ton of methods and techniques and have benefited enormously in all aspects. I cannot say enough about how good this company is and what they do.”

Robinson’s clients through his work with Showcase have been pleased with the results as well. “I just wanted to touch base with you regarding the quality of your product and one of your photographers,” says Steve Jernigan of Coffee County Realty and Auction Co. “I somehow stumbled upon your photographer Ken Robinson early last year and he has shot around 10 total homes for me. He is outstanding! He has an artistic eye for things that seem to really highlight aspects of my properties that I never even thought of. He is always flexible and easy to schedule. One of my favorite things is how I do not have to stay around and direct him; he knows how and what to shoot and I trust him to do so without me micromanaging him... Kudos to Ken; seriously great guy. He also speaks and relates to clients very well.”

Robinson does some product photography on site from time to time and is one of the few photographers in the area that still uses airplanes instead of drones for aerial photography. He also specializes in high-risk photography, involving images shot on top of big high-rise buildings with him in the safety gear.

With a broad array of work, Robinson has a broad array of clients. What they have in common is their satisfaction with his work. Client Andrew B. noted that Robinson did a fantastic job from top to bottom. “The photos turned out really beautifully using Robinson's unique fusion method. This was a challenging job for several reasons, and he went above and beyond for us - even getting his hands dirty. Yes, there were slightly cheaper photographer options available, but we definitely made the right choice going with Robinson. We'll be calling him again.”

“I enjoyed the challenge that was given to me,” says Robinson of the job for Andrew. “They were facing some difficulties that I was able to resolve for them. This is the kind of client we all dream of serving.”

As a professional photographer, Robinson brings a myriad of experiences to his clientele as a means of assuring the most positive photography experience possible. He uses the best equipment and he continually adds to his technical knowledge through education and interaction with other professional photographers and artists nationwide. This commitment to learning has earned him a name as one of the top photographers in the region, as well as five consecutive Spectrum Awards for Customer Satisfaction.

Contact Robinson at 615-895-2350, via email at or on Facebook at Visit his Award Page at

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