6,000 Square Feet of Atlanta's Hottest Commercial Space is Going to the Dogs

Innovative design and newest technology to deliver superior pet boarding and day care experience to Atlanta.

Atlanta, GA, April 12, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Transforming away-from-home pet care, Lucky & Lady® will open its first location at Madison Yards in Atlanta. The startup with a story will occupy the third largest commercial space in Atlanta’s most anticipated mixed-use development, bringing new jobs and many furry friends to the hot Memorial Drive corridor. This flagship location along Atlanta’s Beltline is set to open in late summer 2019, introducing to Atlanta an innovative and truly enriching pet care experience that is in NO B*RKING WAY™ ordinary.

Lucky & Lady® is positioned to provide the very best pet boarding, day care, grooming and self-service pet wash experience available. Four years of research and consultation with an array of architectural and mechanical engineers, environmental experts and clinical specialists in animal behavior have guided every aspect of the 6,000 square foot, all-indoor, climate controlled pet care facility. From enhanced air purification systems that remove containments and pheromones from other animals to equipment and suites engineered specifically for pets, every possible pet trigger has been considered – triggers that calm and relax pets and those that excite or scare them.

“We know what stresses animals and we’re determined to eliminate those stressors,” said Ryan Deal, the Lucky & Lady® principal founder and Grant Park, Atlanta resident. “Our multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art facility is truly all about pets and their enrichment, and yet is designed with all the conveniences pet parents want. It’s a win no matter how many feet we walk on.”

After years in a career requiring leaving his family’s four dogs in the care of others for days, Deal sought to take every aspect of pet boarding and “turn all of it upside down.” Deal traveled to seven states to meet with the very best pet professionals, consulted with leading pet boarding and day care operators, and his team has engaged acoustical and mechanical engineers – all to ensure a calm, comfortable and enriching experience for Atlanta’s four-legged family members at Lucky & Lady®.

“My heart just dropped when I discovered I was leaving my pets in the care of a cage,” Deal said, noting that most pet care facilities in the U.S. are not staffed overnight, which leaves pets absolutely alone. “Lucky & Lady® will be staffed 24/7/365.”

Statistics provided by the International Boarding and Pet Services Association indicate Lucky & Lady® is on the forefront of pet care. Of 125,000 pet facilities operating in the U.S., Lucky & Lady® will join only three percent using technology to provide a modern, safe and interactive pet care experience.

“We’ve worked with a variety of clients, but few are as exacting and driven as the team at Lucky & Lady®,” said Naomi Clark, the principal designer at Planning Interiors, Inc. “Their true love for animals shows in every decision they make. We’re literally changing the way we approach most every aspect of this complex design.”

This pet-centered approach brought mechanical, engineering and plumbing firm Barrett, Woodyard and Associates to the team in 2018 to design the most responsive and most robust indoor environmental system in the pet segment. Lucky & Lady® will incorporate the newest technology to eliminate airborne and surface contaminants, bacteria and viruses.

“Controlling the environment is central to health and safety and we’ve designed the very best for Lucky & Lady®,” said Michael Causey at Barrett, Woodyard and Associates.

It’s technology that extends to pet parents with real convenience and unprecedented assurance, Deal said. Live video feeds will connect pet parents with their pets in Enhanced Day Care. And pet parents of overnight guests will know how much fun their pet is having through text message updates with current photographs of pets. A pet valet service will allow new convenience to pet parents – the ability to remain in their cars when dropping off pets or picking them up.

“It’s great that our valet service makes life easier for our pet parents, but we do it because it’s simply better for pets,” Deal said. “If we can remove all of the stress pets experience while in transition, then we need to do it. Everything we’re doing is for pets.”

“Pet parents will be able to completely manage their accounts online so when they’ve answered the questions once, we won’t need to ask again, and again. Our commitment is to pets, while providing assurance to pet parents that pets in our care are thriving.”

Invest Atlanta, the official economic development authority for the City of Atlanta, awarded Lucky & Lady® with financing to create jobs and contribute to the city’s economy.

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Committed to the best health, safety and wellbeing of pets, with every convenience pet parents want, Lucky & Lady® is a science-based approach to pet care, ensuring our four-legged family members receive the very best away-from-home experience possible. NO B*RKING WAY™ are we ordinary. From state-of-the-art accommodations engineered specifically for pets to an unprecedented level of real human interaction and pet enrichment, Lucky & Lady® is positioned to deliver the very best pet boarding, pet day care, pet grooming, and self-service pet wash experience imaginable. Learn more at www.luckyandlady.com.
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