ForLawFirmsOnly.NET Announces New GeoFencing Program for Law Firms

Mechanicsburg, PA, April 12, 2019 --( Linda Donnelly, President and CEO of ForLawFirmsOnly.NET announces the availability of the most affordable GeoFencing program on the market today. The program is simple to use and set up. Linda Donnelly says this is "the best advertising value on the market today." After purchasing an impression package of at least 10,000 minimum impressions per month you set up an ad and landing page and start advertising to the "Ad Network" which consists of Facebook, Google, Forbes, USA Today, CNN, Fox News, Instagram, Twitter and thousands more of the most popular app and websites in the country. Your ad can reach anywhere from 600 yards to 6 miles of the exact address where you choose to locate your "Virtual Pin."

After the first month of service ForLawFirmsOnly.NET will be able to tell where your ads do best with their advanced analytics program. ForLawFirmsOnly.NET can also A/B test your ads if you purchase more than one "Virtual Pin." What age range responds best to your ads? What gender responds best? What are your target clients interests? What time of day do your clients respond to your ads?

The second thirty days they will be able to target the clients that have better conversion getting even more "Bang for Your Buck" than the first month. It doesn't end there.

The third month, based on knowing the demographics of your client, ForLawFirmsOnly.NET will be able to retarget those potential clients that click on your ad. In fact, ForLawFirmsOnly.NET will retarget up to ten times in the following two weeks of the original click.

Personal Injury Law Firms are using these virtual pins in emergency rooms all across the country, realtors are using these virtual pins in their listings, restaurants are promoting lunch specials, retail stores are announcing sales "right now" to draw more customers. Be the first person in your area to have this technology available for only $2.56 per day for a minimum of 10,000 impressions per month.

You can get more information by calling (800) 587-0366 and talk directly to a geo fencing expert for your business.
Linda Donnelly