Sircles App Announces New Rewards as Kickstarter Campaign Enters Final Week

Today, Sircles, whose mission is to be a positive force for positive interactions, added two new rewards geared towards influencers and small businesses to their Kickstarter Campaign.

Sacramento, CA, April 15, 2019 --( The Sircles Unlisted Business Special lets freelancers that either don’t have a website or a brick-and-mortar location to offer customers daily deals customers, engage customers, and promote and track their business through word-of-mouth recommendations. This reward is $60 for a six-month business subscription, which is a 50% discount. In addition to the subscription, they will also receive early access to beta version 2.0.

The Sircles team is also offering a reward to sell 50 tickets to their Workshop and Networking Event which will be held in Sacramento in September. This event will teach those that want to become a successful influencer on the Sircles app tips and tricks to grow an engaging following and make money. Influencer marketing has become a popular and effective tool for small businesses. Following the workshop will be a networking mixer to help small businesses meet up-and-coming influencers that may want to promote their business. This event is sponsored by Allroads Marketing and Consulting who will be there to offer representation to influencers and businesses that want to begin an influencer marketing relationship.

“This event is great not only for those that want to become a big name on Sircles, but for all influencers since it will give them an opportunity to meet businesses that may want work with them,” says Marketing Executive, Shawntelle Minear.

The Kickstarter Campaign began on March 14th and doubled its goal of $20,000 to $40,000 within one week of being launched. The goal was then raised to $50,000 in order to add new features such as entertainment categories, which was voted on by those that pledged. The campaign is set to end on April 20th, 2019.

About Sircles
Sacramento founders of Tech 2U, John Worthington and Todd Fiore, banded together once again to create Sircles. Sircles is recommendations from friends and people you trust. Store your favorite restaurants, movies, nail salon, etc. Easily find and map your friend’s favorites. Get rewarded for sharing. Create your Sircle of Trust. No longer rely on reviews written by strangers, as they are often fake or false. Sircles is, and always will be, a positive, sharing community.

For more information, go to or to make a pledge, go to

For media inquiries, please call Shawntelle Minear, Marketing Executive, Sircles (916) 905-5068.
Shawntelle Minear