Sunscore Web App Launched for Easy Assessment of Solar Number Score of Rooftops

Sunscore launched its web app for assessing the feasibility of rooftop solar plants with the click of a button.

Delhi, India, April 18, 2019 --( Carrying forward the drive to a greener India, by harnessing clean & sustainable energy, Sunscore launched its web app for assessing the feasibility of rooftop solar plants with the click of a button. Sunscore, generated by the website, is a numeric figure for a rooftop which evaluates the potential of a roof in a particular locality for use with solar technologies. The rating that is given on a scale of 0-100 entails the potential when properly utilized when fitted with gird based solar plants. The closer the score to 100, the more compatible and feasible the roof is for solar technologies.

With solar technology available for public use, user-friendly web interfaces and sophisticated algorithms, is a one-stop solution for checking rooftop solar technology & information.

Currently an assessment of any rooftop needs a physical human visit at this time and delivering a report can sometimes takes months. Sunscore makes it easy for a common man to know how effectively he can monetize his roof and how early can he recover the investment in solar. Now, you can just provide your address, spot your building on the satellite map (powered by Google), outline your rooftop area available for putting up solar panels and you have a report in the next second.

Sunscore is designed to work on-the-go if you’re looking forward to installing solar panels on your rooftop.

The Sunscore calculation is based on parameters like:

- Location of property
- Analysis of roof
- Analysis of weather and
- The solar policy of the state

In the call for a cleaner, greener and sustainable source of energy, humanity battle the impacts of weather change due to the increased carbon footprint. Investing in solar technology is the next best alternative after saving energy and preventing pollution in daily lives through manual efforts. The future of green energy, solar power can be used similarly like electricity with much lesser impact and greater efficiency. Sunscore hopes for a sustainable future through their offering.

The parent company of, Savera works on solving future challenges to solar energy adoption among masses and to provide the required hand-holding to individuals to adopt solar technologies without any complications. Empowering people with knowledge and guidance is the forte of the company and this admirable effort is being appreciated at national levels.
Ankit Sheoran